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                        Saturday, 7 June 2014

                        RRB AJMER ASM Question Paper with Answers Solutions Assistant Station Master

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                        RRB SES 2006 Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        RRB Technical Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        RRB Malda TC 2008 Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        RRB Kolkota TC 2008 Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        RRB kolkata TC Awarness Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        RRB Goods Guard 2008 Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        RRB Chandigarh Goods Guard 2004 Question Paper with Answers SolutionsRailway Recruitment Board

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                        RRB ASM 2007 Question Paper with Answers Solutions.pdf Railway Recruitment Board

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                        RRB 2009 Physical sciences Question Paper with Answers Solutions Railway Recruitment Board

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                        Railway Recruitment Board RRB 2009 Mathematics Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        Railway Recruitment Board RRB 2009 General ability Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        Railway Recruitment Board RRB 2008 Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        Railway Recruitment Board RRB 2006 Question Paper with Answers Solutions

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                        Sunday, 9 February 2014

                        Rrb old papers Free Download railway exam question paper with answer


                        Rrb old papers Free Download railway exam question paper with answer

                        Railway Recruitment Board Exam -2008 Solved Question paper

                        61. Pneumonia affects

                        (a)Lungs (b) Tongue
                        (c)Liver (d) Kidney

                        62. The chemical name of Vitamin A is

                        (a)Retinol (b) Jhiamin
                        (c)Biotic (d) Riboflavin

                        63. A 130m long train crosses a bridge in 30 seconds at 45 kmph. The length of the bridge is

                        (a)20% (b) 60%
                        (c)100% (d) 120%

                        65. Atoms are electrically charged as

                        (a)Positive (b) Negative
                        (c)Bi-positive (d) Neutral
                        66. Ionic bond exists in

                        (a)Kcl (b) H2O
                        (c)NH3 (d) Cl3

                        67. Which force is required to increase the momentum of an object to 40 kg m/s in 5 seconds?

                        (a)2N (b) 4N
                        (c)8N (d) 10N

                        68. The river that does not form delta is

                        (a)Mahanadi (b) Tapti
                        (c)Krishna (d) Cauvery

                        69. The ratio of the redius and height of a cone is 5 : 12, respectively. Its volume is 23147cc. Find its slant height.

                        (a)13cm (b) 14cm
                        (c)17cm (d) 26cm

                        70. 27 students took part in a debate of a college. What is the probability that at least 3 of them have their birth days in the same month?

                        (a)3/27 (b) 3/12
                        (c)12 (d) 1

                        71. Who was the first winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?

                        (a)B.N.Sarkar (b) Prithvi Raj Kapoor
                        (c)Devika Rani (d) Kanan Devi

                        72. How many members are nominated by the President in the Rajya Sabha?

                        (a)12 (b) 15
                        (c)10 (d) 20

                        73. Who was the founder of Brahmo Samaj?

                        (a)Raja Rammohan Roy (b) Aurobindo Ghosh
                        (c)Vivekanand (d) Dyanand Saraswati

                        74. The Parliamentary System in India has been taken from

                        (a)America (b) Britain
                        (c)Australia (d) Ireland

                        75. The electric supply in India was first started in

                        (a)Kolkata (b) Chennai
                        (c)Mumbai (d) Darjeeling

                        76. Bhatnagar Prize is given in the field of

                        (a)Peace (b) Music and dance
                        (c)Science & technology (d) Fine arts

                        77. Who discovered the solar system?

                        (a)Copernicus (b) Kepler
                        (c)Aryabhatta (d) Newton

                        78. The Nobel Prize in Economics was started in

                        (a)1901 (b) 1936
                        (c)1957 (d) 1967

                        79. In India, the second largest in

                        (a)Bengali (b) Urdu
                        (c)Telugu (d) Marathi

                        80. The first Asian Games were held in

                        (a)Manila (b) Tokyo
                        (c)Jakarta (d) New Delhi

                        81. The Islam was established in

                        (a)7th A.D. (b) 5th A.D.
                        (c)3rd B.C. (d) 5th B.C.

                        82. The Olympic Games 2012 will be held in

                        (a)Moscow (b) Paris
                        (c)New York (d) London

                        83. The main factor of air pollution is

                        (a)Lead (b) Copper
                        (c)Zinc (d) Gold

                        84. The bauxite ore is found in

                        (a)Musabani (b) Karnapura
                        (c)Koderma (d) Palamu

                        85. The first fertilizer plant in India was established in

                        (a)Trombay (b) Nangal
                        (c)Alwaye (d) Sindri

                        86. Which of the following had strong navy?

                        (a)Bahmani (b) Chalukya
                        (c)Chola (d) Rashtrakuta

                        87. The last king of Maurya Dynastry was

                        (a)Brihdarth (b) Kunal
                        (c)Samprati (d) Salishuk

                        88. How will the image formed by a convex lens be affected if the central part of the lens is covered by black paper?

                        (a)Remaining part of the lens will form no image
                        (b)The central position of the image is absent
                        (c)There will be no effect
                        (d)The full image will be formed with lessened brightness

                        89. The force between two parallel wires conducting current is used to define

                        (a) Ampere (b) Coulomb

                        91. The buoyancy depends on the

                        (a)Depth of the fluid (b) Density of the fluid
                        (c)Volume of the fluid (d) Weight of the fluid


                        1.  61. (a) 62. (a) 63. (c) 64. (d) 65. (d) 66. (a) 67. (c) 68. (b) 69. (a)

                        1. (c)

                        2. (c) 72. (a) 73. (a) 74. (b) 75. (d) 76. (c) 77. (a) 78. (d) 79. (c) 80. (d) 81. (a)

                        1. (d)

                        2. (a) 84. (d) 85. (d) 86. (c) 87. (a) 88. (d) 89. (a) 90. (c) 91. (b)

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                        Railway Recruitment Board old papers Free Download


                        Railway Recruitment Board old papers Free Download

                        Railway Recruitment Board Exam -2008 Solved Question paper

                        1. When a ray of light passes from an optically denser medium to a rarer medium, it

                        (a)Remains undeviated (b) Bends towards normal
                        (c)Bends away from normal (d) None of these

                        2.Who is the author of "Anandmath" ?

                        (a)Rabindranath Tagore (b) Bankim chandra Chattopadhyaya
                        (c)Sarojini Nayadu (d) Jyotiba Phule

                        3. Thimpu is the capital of

                        (a)Nepal (b) Bhutan
                        (c)Thailand (d) Myanmar

                        4. The time period of a seconds pendulum is

                        (a)1 second (b) 4 seconds
                        (c)3 seconds (d) 2 seconds

                        5. The nuclear fuel in the sun is

                        (a)Helium (b) Uranium
                        (c)Hydrogen (d) Oxygen

                        6. The second’s hand of a watch is 2 cm long. The velocity of its tip is

                        (a)Max Plank (b) Einstein
                        (c)Newton (d) Hertz

                        9. The filament of bulb is made of

                        (a)Tungsten (b) Iron
                        (c)Nichrome (d) Carbon

                        10. Anti-knocking can be lessened by

                        (a)Iso Octane (b) N Heptane
                        (c)TEL (d) Benzene
                        11. In which of the following oxidation shows a positive oxidation state.

                        (a)CO (b) N2O
                        (c)NO (d) F2O

                        12. Which of the following is used in photography?

                        (a)Silver Bromide (b) Sodium Bromide
                        (c)Potassium Chloride (d) Sodium Sulphate

                        13. Which of the following is used in accumulator cell?

                        (a)Copper (b) Iron
                        (c)Lead (d) Zinc

                        14. Choose the wrong statement :

                        (a)Single magnetic poles can exist
                        (b)Magnetic poles are always of equal strength
                        (c)Like poles repel each other
                        (d)None of these

                        15. Laws of electrolysis are given by:

                        (a)Farady (b) Maxwell
                        (c)Lenz (d) Bohr

                        16. Flemings left hand rule is used to fine out:

                        (a)Direction of magnetic field due to flow of current
                        (b)Direction of induced current due to effect of magnetic field
                        (c)Direction of motion of a current carrying conductor in magnetic field
                        (d)None of these

                        17. The pH of a neutral solution at 250C is :

                        (a)0 (b) 1.0
                        (c)7.0 (d) 1.4

                        18. The raw material used for the manufacture of Portland cement is :

                        (a)Limestone and clay (b) Alumina, clay and gypsum
                        (c)Gypsum and limestone (d) Gypsum and clay

                        19. CaOCI2 is the chemical formula for a compound commonly known as :(a) Soda Ash (b) Lime

                        (c) Bleaching Powder (d) Plaster of Paris

                        20. The glass used for making laboratory apparatus is :(a) Pyrex glass (b) Hard glass

                        (a)Methanol (b) Methenal
                        (c)Methanoic acid (d) None of these

                        23. Which of the following is not an ore of aluminium :

                        (a)Cryolite (b) Feldspar
                        (c)Bauxite (d) Azurite

                        24. Rhombic monoclinic and plastic sulphur are:

                        (a)Isomers (b) Isotopes
                        (c)Allotropes (d) Hydrides of sulphur

                        25. The alkaline hydrolysis of oils or fats gives soap and :

                        (a)Glycerol (b) Ethenol
                        (c)Glycol (d) Ethanoic acid
                        26. The sight of a delicious food usually makes month watery. It is a :

                        (a)Hormonal response (b) Neural response
                        (c)Optic response (d) Olfactory response

                        27. Nitrogen fixing bacteria are normally found in :

                        (a)Parasitic plants (b) Epiphytic plants
                        (c)Leguminous plants (d) Aquatic plants

                        28. Powdery mildew of wheat is caused by:

                        (a)Bacteria (b) Virus
                        (c)Fungi (d) Protozoans
                        29. Septic sore throat is caused by :

                        (a)Bacteria (b) Virus
                        (c)Fungi (d) Protozoans
                        30. A person of blood group AB can give blood to :

                        (a)‘A’ and ‘B’ (b) Only ‘AB’
                        (c)‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘O’ (d) All of these


                        1. (c) 2. (b) 3. (b) 4. (d) 5. (c) 6. (a) 7. (c) 8. (b) 9. (a) 10. (a) 11. (d) 12. (a)

                        13. (c) 14. (a) 15. (a) 16. (c) 17. (c) 18. (b) 19. (c) 20. (a) 21. (a) 22. (b) 23. (d)

                        24. (c) 25. (a) 26. (d) 27. (c) 28. (c) 29. (a & b) 30. (b)

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                        RRB Railway last 10 years question papers with solutions


                        RRB Railway last 10 years question papers with solutions

                        ASM Railway recruitment Board Solved Papers Question paper 2007
                        1. ‘Destination India’, conference on commerce and trade was organised at:
                        (a) Zurich (b) Bangalore (c) Singapore (d) Tokyo
                        2. According to a survey by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry which of the following countries tops the list on labour productivity:

                        (a) India (b) Luxembourg (c) Belgium (d) France

                        3. India’s first Asset Reconstruction Company’s road map was prepared by

                        :(a) SBI (b) IDBI (c) ICICI (d) HDFC

                        4. Which of the following country is the new member of International Coffee Organisation?

                        (a) India (b) Sri Lanka (c) Kenya (d) Vietnam

                        5. Who among the following headed the Indo-UK Round Table conference held at London to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries?

                        (a) Swaraj Paul (b) Jaswant Singh(c) K.C. Pant (d) Yashwant Sinha

                        6. ‘Diva’ a specially ! ! designed women’s international credit card has been launched by:

                        (a) Federal Bank (b) Standard Chartered Bank(c) Dresdner Bank (d) ABN-Amro Bank

                        7. Richard Grasso is the head of:

                        (a) NASDAQ(b) London Stock Exchange(c) New York Stock Exchange(d) Dubai Stock Exchange

                        8. ‘Indiva’ is the multipurpose vehicle, launched by____at the international motorshow in Geneva.

                        (a) TELCO (b) BAJAJ and SIL (c) LML (d) HONDA

                        9. Match the following Company/organisation Chief Executive Officer

                        I. General Electricals A. Harvey PittII. Star Alliance B. S. DevarajahIII. Securities and C. Jeff Immelt Exchange Commission D. Cheong Choong KongIV. Manufacturer’s Association of Information Technology Code:I II III IV

                        (a) A B C D(b) BA C D(c) C D B A(d) D C A B

                        10. Nokia Corporation, the leading mobile phone makers is a___based company.

                        (a) USA (b) Japan (c) Philippines (d) Finland! !

                        11. ICENET is the network connecting the offices of the:

                        (a) Central Board of Excise and Customs(b) State Bank of India(c) Human Resource Ministry(d) External Affairs Ministry

                        12. Geographical Information System Software known as ‘Gram Chitra’ was unveiled by:

                        (a) C-DAC (b) Media Labs Asia(c) Satyam Infoway (d) Honda

                        13. The Kofi Annan Institute for IT Excellence, has been set by India at____:

                        (a) Kenya (b) Guatemala (c) Ghana (d) Durban
                        14. India’s first Defence Intelligence Agency became operational in___2002.
                        (a) June (b) March (c) April (d) May
                        15. The first hydel project in Andaman and Nicobar islands has been commissioned by:

                        (a) NHPC (b) Dabhol Power Corporation(c) BHEL (d) NTPC

                        16. First Indian Laboratory (and India to be the 26th country) to be accredited by the College of American Pathology is:

                        (a) Cipla lab (b) Speciality Ranbaxy Ltd(c) Zydu! ! s Cadila Ltd (d) Sun Pharma lab

                        17. Smart Kid Insurance policy has been launched for students by:

                        (a) Tata-AIG (b) SBI-Cardif(c) ICICI Prudential (d) LICI

                        18. Who among the following has been appointed as the chairman of Central Electricity Authority:

                        (a) J.L. Bajaj (b) H.L. Bajaj(c) Y.N. Prasad (d) J.L. Raina

                        19. Chilka Development Authority, the first organisation in the Asian subcontinent to receive Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award for the year 2002 is in:

                        (a) Kerala (b) Orissa (c) Assam (d) Uttaranchal

                        20. The chief architect of Ganga Action Plan, an environmentalist and recipient of various awards died recently. Name him.

                        (a) Md. Bazzi (b) Arshad-uz-Zaman(c) Dr T.N. Khoshro (d) George Soros

                        21. CBE-2002 a NATO exercise by Canada, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, UK and US was launched in____, for NATO peace programme.

                        (a) Georgia (b) Angola (c) Durban (d) Ireland

                        22. 2002 MN is the name of:

                        (a) Supercomputer (b) Asteroid(c) Spacecraft (d) Star

                        23. ‘Orange Prize’ is given in the field of:

                        (a) literature (b) sports (c) medicine (d) acting

                        24. In the global tea production, India accounts for____per cent of tea production.

                        (a) 27 (b) 26.7 (c) 24.3 (d) 27.7

                        25. USA has signed a legislation to protect the country from biological terrorist attack worth:

                        (a) $ 4.6 billion (b) $ 6 billion(c) $ 7 billion (d) $ 8 billion

                        1. (a)2. (b)3. (c)4. (d)5. (c)6. (b)7. (c)8. (a)9. (c)10. (d)11. (a)12. (b)13. (c)14.(c)15. (a)16. (b)17.(a)18. (b)19. (b)20. (c)21. (a)22. (b)23. (a)24. (d)25. (a)
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                        Railway Recruitment Board exam model question paper answer


                        Railway Recruitment Board exam model question paper answer

                        Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh) Goods Guard Recruitment Exam

                        May 2004 Question Paper

                        Directions (Qs. 61?63) : These questions arebased on the following statements :Raja and Baldev are good in Hockey andVolleyball. Deepak and Raja are good in Hockey andBaseball. Gurnam and Baldev are good in Cricket and

                        Volleyball. Deepak, Gurnam and Joseph are Good inFootball and Baseball.

                        61. Who is good in Baseball, Cricket, Volleyball andFootball?

                        (d)Deepak Ans: ( b ) Gurnam

                        62. Who is good in Baseball, Volleyball and Hockey?

                        (d)Deepak Ans: ( a ) Raja

                        63. Who is good in Hockey, Cricket and Volleyball?

                        (d) Deepak Ans: ( c ) Baldev

                        SECTION-III :: NUMERICAL ABILITY

                        64. The difference between the square of any twoconsecutive integers is equal to

                        (a)An even number
                        (b)Difference of two numbers
                        (c)Product of two numbers
                        (d)Sum of two numbers Ans: ( d ) Sum of two numbers

                        65. What is the greatest possible length of a scalethat can be used to measure exactly the following three

                        lengths? 3m; 5m-10 cm; 12m-90 cm

                        (a)30 cm
                        (b)20 cm
                        (c)25 cm
                        (d)10 cm Ans: ( a ) 30 cm

                        66. The HCF of two numbers is 96 and their LCM is 1296. If one number is 864, then what is the other number?

                        (b)64(c) 144(d) 11664Ans: ( c )144

                        1. A drum of water is 3/5 full. When 38 litres aredrawn from it, it is just 1/8 full. What is the totalcapacity of the drum in litres?(a) 100 litres(b) 80 litres(c) 85 litres(d) 90 litresAns: ( b ) 80 litres

                        2. If the cost of telephone calls in a town is 30paise per call for the first 100 calls, 25 paise per callfor the next 100 calls and 20 paise per call for callsexceeding 200, then how many calls can be made in Rs. 50 ?(a) 180(b) 200(c) 225(d) 175Ans: ( a) 180

                        3. A reduction of Rs. 2 per kg in the price of sugarenables a man to purchase 4 kg more sugar now in Rs. 16.What was the original price of sugar?(a) Rs. 16 per kg(b) Rs. 8 per kg(c) Rs. 4 per kg(d) Rs. 2 per kgAns: ( c ) Rs.4 per kg

                        4. 33% marks are required to pass an examination. Acandidate who gets 210 marks, fails by 21 marks. What arethe total marks for the examination ?(a) 700(b) 650(c) 600(d) 550Ans: ( a) 700

                          1. The ticket for admission to an exhibition was Rs. 5and it was later reduced by 20%. As a result, the saleproceeds of tickets increased by 44%. What was thepercentage increase in number of visitors?

                          2. (a) 50%(b) 25%(c) 75%(d) 80%Ans: ( d ) 80%

                        5. The average weight of 8 men is increased by 2 kgwhen one man of 50 kg is replaced by a new man. What isthe weight of the new man?(a) 58 kg(b) 68 kg(c) 60 kg(d) 66 kgAns: ( d ) 66 kg

                        6. Nine men went to a hotel 8 of them spent Rs. 3 eachover their meals and the ninth person spent Rs. 2 more thanthe average expenditure of all the nine. The total moneyspent by all of them was(a) Rs. 26(b) Rs. 40 (c) Rs. 29.25(d) Rs. 27.50Ans: ( c ) Rs. 29.25

                        7. The sum of the present ages of A, B and C is 90years. Six years ago, their ages were in the ratio of 1 :2 : 3. What is the present age of C?(a) 36 years(b) 42 years(c) 40 years(d) 45 yearsAns: ( b ) 42 years

                        8. The sum of the salaries of ?A? and ?B? is Rs.2,100. ?A? spends 80% of his salary and ?B? spends 70% ofhis salary. If their savings are in the proportion of 4 :3, then what is the salary of A ?(a) Rs. 1400(b) Rs. 1200(c) Rs. 900(d) Rs. 700Ans: ( a ) Rs. 1400

                        9. Rs. 1,290 are divided between A, B and C such thatA?s share is 1 ½ times that of B and B?s share is 1 ¾ times

                        that of C. What is C?s hsare?

                        (a)Rs. 240
                        (b)Rs. 420
                        (c)Rs. 630
                        (d)Rs. 350 Ans: ( a ) Rs. 240

                        77. Five litres of water is added to a certain quantityof pure milk, which costs Rs. 3 per litre. If the mixtureis sold at the same price of Rs. 3 per litre, a profit of

                        20% is made (ignore the cost of water). What is the amountof pure milk in the mixture?

                        (a)20 litres
                        (b)28 litres
                        (c)25 litres
                        (d)30 litres Ans: ( c ) 25 litres

                        78. Fifteen men working 8 hours a day take 21 days to complete a work. How many days will be taken by 21 women

                        to complete the same work, working 6 hours a day? ( 3
                        women do as much work as 2 men).

                        (a)25 days
                        (b)30 days
                        (c)33 days
                        (d)28 days Ans: ( b ) 30 days

                        79. ?A? can knit a pair of socks in 3 days. ?B? canknit the same pair in 9 days. If they are knitting

                        together, then in how many days will they knit two pairs ofsocks?

                        (a)4 days
                        (b)5 days
                        (c)4 ½days
                        (d)3 days Ans: ( c )4 ½days

                        80. Two electronic music systems are bought for Rs.8,000. One was sold at 40% profit and the other was sold

                        at 40$ loss. If the S.P. of both be same, then what wasthe C.P. of both the systems ?

                        (a)Rs. 3000, Rs. 5000
                        (b)Rs. 4000, Rs. 4000
                        (c)Rs. 3500, Rs. 4500
                        (d)Rs. 2400, Rs. 5600

                        Ans: ( d ) Rs. 2400, Rs. 5600

                        81. If the marked price is 30% more than the C.P. and

                        10% discount is allowed on the marked price, then what will be the gain %?

                        (b)15 ½%
                        (d)18 ½% Ans: ( c )17%

                        82. A man has Rs. 2,000. Some portion of this amount,he lends @ 5% p.a. S.I. and the remaining portion of the

                        same is lent at 4% p.a. S.I. He earns Rs. 96 in a year.What amount was lent by him at 4%.

                        (a)Rs. 1200
                        (b)Rs. 600
                        (c)Rs. 400
                        (d)Rs. 1600 Ans: ( c ) Rs.400

                        83. What sum will become Rs. 496 in 6 years @ 4% p.a. ?

                        (a)Rs. 500
                        (b)Rs. 400
                        (c)Rs. 460
                        (d)Rs. 456 Ans: ( b ) Rs. 400

                        84. A car covers a distance of 420 km at its normalspeed. If the speed of the car would have been 10 km/hrmore htan the normal speed, then it would have taken onehour less to cover the same distance. What was the speed

                        of the car?

                        (a)50 km/hr
                        (b)40 km/hr
                        (c)55 km/hr
                        (d)60 km/hr Ans: ( d ) 60 km/hr

                        85. A 110 m long train is running @ 60 km/hr. Howmuch time will it take to cover the 240 m long platform?

                        (a)5 5/6 seconds
                        (b)14 2/5 seconds
                        (c)4 seconds
                        (d)21 seconds Ans: ( d ) 21 seconds

                        86. In a river, a man takes 3 hours in rowing 3 km

                        upstream or 15 km downstream. What is the speed of the current?

                        (a)2 km/hr
                        (b)4 km/hr
                        (c)6 km/hr
                        (d)9 km/hr Ans: ( a ) 2 km/hr

                        87. A and B can cover a 200 m race in 22 seconds and 25

                        seconds respectively. When a finished the race, then B is at what distance from the finishing line?

                        (a)30 m
                        (b)48 m
                        (c)24 m
                        (d)54 m Ans: ( c )24 m

                        88. The difference between the circumference of a

                        circle and its radius is 37 metres. What is the radius of
                        the circle?

                        (a)5 m
                        (b)7 m
                        (c)12 m
                        (d)14 m Ans: ( b ) 7 m 
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                        RRB Question Papers Answers Previous Year Railway Recruitment Board


                        RRB Question Papers Answers Previous Year Railway Recruitment Board

                        Railway Recruitment Board (Chandigarh) Goods Guard Recruitment Exam

                        May 2004 Question Paper

                        1. Spondylitis is the disease affecting(a) Kidney(b) Spinal column(c) Brain cells(d) LungsAns: ( b ) Spinal column

                        2. Who started the slogan ?Jai Jawan Jai Kisan??(a) Lal Bahadur Shastri(b) Mahatma Gandhi(c) Jawaharlal Nehru(d) Indira GandhiAns: ( a ) Lal Bahadur Shastri

                        3. The equatorial diameter of the earth isapproximately(a) 6357 km (b) 18546 km(c) 12756 km(d) 15600 kmAns: ( c )12756 km

                        4. ?Amnesty International? is an organizationassociated with which of the following fields?(a) Protection of historical monuments(b) Environmental protection(c) Protection of cruelty to animals(d) Protection of human rightsAns: ( d ) Protection of human rights

                        5. The headquarters of International Red Cross issituated at(a) Paris(b) The Hague(c) Geneva(d) ViennaAns: ( c ) Geneva

                          1. ?Dogri? language is spoken in which of thefollowing States?(a) Assam(b) Bihar

                            1. Orissa

                            2. Jammu and KashmirAns: ( d ) Jammu and Kashmir

                          1. Brazil is situated in which continent?

                            1. South America

                            2. North America

                            3. Africa

                            4. Europe Ans: ( a ) South America

                          1. Where is the Sariska tiger Sanctuary?

                            1. Gujaraj

                            2. Rajasthan

                            3. Madhya Pradesh

                            4. Haryana Ans: ( b ) Rajasthan

                          1. Battle of Plassey was fought by the Britishers with

                            1. Siraj-ud-Daula

                            2. Mir Zafar

                            3. (c) Mir Qasix

                            4. Wajid Ali Shah Ans: ( a ) Siraj-ud-Daula

                          1. The abbreviation ?RPF? stands for

                            1. Reserve Police Force

                            2. Railway Protection Force

                            3. Regional Peoples Front

                          2. (d) Railway Police ForceAns: ( b ) Railway Protection Force

                          1. Who is the Chairman of National Commission forScheduled Castes?

                            1. Shri Suraj Bhan

                            2. Shri Ram Vilas Paswan

                            3. Shri Ram Raj

                            4. Shri Buta Singh Ans: ( a ) Shri Suraj Bhan

                          1. ?Clock? is the election symbol of which politicalparty?

                            1. RJD

                            2. Telugu Desam

                            3. BSP

                            4. NCP

                        Ans: ( d ) NCP

                        41. Which of the following is the same as Count, List,Weigh?

                        (d)Measure Ans: ( c ) Number

                        42. Which of the following is the same as Steel,Bronze, Brass ?

                        (d)Coal Ans: ( c ) Zinc

                        43. Which of the following is the same as Flood, Fire,Cyclone ?

                        (a) Damage
                        (d)Accident Ans: ( b ) Earthquake

                        44. Which of the following is the same as Jute, Cotton,Wool ?

                        (d)Nylon Ans: ( c ) Silk

                        45. Which of the following is the same as Liver, Heart,Kidney ?

                        (d)Urine Ans: ( a ) Lung

                        Directions (Qs. 46?50) : Find the odd oneout in the following questions :

                        46. (a) Physics

                        (d)Geography Ans: ( d ) Geography

                        47. (a) Haldighati

                        (d)Kurukshetra Ans: ( b ) Sarnath

                        48. (a) December

                        (d)March Ans: ( c ) September

                        49. (a) Park

                        (d)Platform Ans: ( a ) Park

                        50. (a) Needle

                        (d)Pin Ans: ( b ) Stick

                        51. A man is performing yoga with his head down and

                        legs up. His face is towards the west. In which direction will his left hand be?

                        (d)West Ans: ( a ) North

                        52. At 12:30, the hour hand of a clock faces North and

                        the minute-hand faces South. At 1:45, the hour hand will be in which direction?

                        (d)North-West Ans: ( c ) North-East
                        53. In a certain code, MAN is written as SANM and WORD
                        is written as SORDW. In that code, how would SALE bewritten?

                        (d)LEASS Ans: ( b ) SALES

                        54. If in a certain code language, ?123? means ?brightlittle boy?, ?145? means ?tall big boy? AND ?637?

                        means ?beautiful little FLOWER?, then which digit in thatlanguage means ?bright??

                        (d)2 Ans: ( d ) 2

                        55. Arrange the following in a meaningful sequence :

                        1. Shoulder 2. Wrist 3. Elbow

                        4. Palm 5. Finger

                        (a)5, 4,2,3,1
                        (b)3, 4,5,2,1
                        (c)3, 1,4, 2, 5
                        (d)2, 4,5,3,1 Ans: ( a ) 5,4,2, 3, 1

                        56. If the 25th of August in a year is Thursday, thenthe number of Mondays in that month is

                        (d)3 Ans: ( b ) 5

                        57. ?E? is the son of ?A?. ?D? is the son of ?B?. ?E?

                        is married to ?C? and ?C? is B?s daughter. How is ?D?related to ?E? ?

                        (d)Brother-in-law Ans: ( d ) Brother-in-law

                        58. A cube, painted yellow on all faces, is cut into 27

                        small cubes of equal size. How many small cubes arepainted on one face only?

                        (d)12 Ans: ( b ) 6

                        Directions (Qs. 59 & 60) : In Each of thesequestions, there are two statements followed by twoconclusion numbered I and II. Take the two givenstatements to be true even if they seem to be at variancefrom commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and thendecide which of the given conclusions logically followsfrom the two given statements, disregarding commonly knownfacts:

                        59. Statements : All poets are readers.

                        No reader is wise. Conclusions :

                        I. No poet is wise.

                        II. All readers are poets.

                        (a)Only conclusion I follows
                        (b)Only conclusion II follows

                        (c) Both the conclusions I and II follows

                        (d) None of the conclusions follows Ans: ( a ) Only conclusion I follows

                        60. Statements : All stones are diamonds.

                        Some diamonds are pearls. Conclusions :

                        I. Some pearls are stones.

                        II. All diamonds are pearls.

                        (a)Only conclusion I follows
                        (b)Only conclusion II follows
                        (c)Both the conclusions I and II follows
                        (d)None of the conclusions follows Ans: ( d ) None of the conclusions follows

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