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                        Showing posts with label Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST). Show all posts

                        Saturday, 4 January 2014

                        JEST Phd Exam Syllabus 2014 Pattern ,Previous Question PapersDownload Physic, Computer Science, Mathematics www.jest.org.in


                        JEST Phd Exam Syllabus 2014  Pattern ,Previous Question Papers DownloadPhysic, Computer Science, Mathematics www.jest.org.in
                        JEST 2014 Physics Syllabus :

                         Classical Mechanic,Electromagnetic Theory and Optics ,Quantum Mechanics,Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics,Mathematical Methods,Electronics and Experimental Methods

                        Jest 2014 Mathematics Syllabus:

                        Maths syllabus will cover all books units of B.Sc maths and most of the portion of exam will from the books of M.Sc

                        JEST 2014 Computer Science Syllabus:

                         Analytical Reasoning,Deduction,Discrete Mathematics,Simple principles of Programming,Combinational, Data Structures and Algorithms,Graph Theory.

                        Physics,Computer Science,Mathematics Pattern:

                        The total marks of the exam are 100 marks.

                        Physics exam is multiple choice question paper only.

                        Question paper of Physics consisting of 2 levels of difficulty.

                        The 1st level has 25 simple questions of 1 mark each.

                        The 2nd level has 25 tough questions of each 3 marks.

                        Approximately 40% questions coming from B.Sc. level and remaining 60% will be of M.Sc. level.

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