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                        Thursday, 12 December 2013

                        Ibps Clerk Previous Years Question Papers www.ibps.in

                        Ibps Clerk Previous Years Question Papers www.ibps.in

                        Q1. Which movie nominated for Oscar Award from India?
                        A. The Good Road

                        Q2. Who is the chairman of Forward Markets Commission (FMC)?
                        A. Ramesh Abhishek

                        Q3. What is the food grain scheme of announced by Himachal Pradesh?
                        A. Rajiv Gandhi Ann Yojna

                        Q4. What is the date of GAAR implementation?
                        A. 1st January 2016

                        Q5. Who is the current Prime Minister of Iran?
                        A. Hasan Rohani

                        Q6. Who is the new chairman of State Bank India (SBI)?
                        A. Arundhati Bhattacharya

                        Q7. Who is the Chairman of Aadhaar card?
                        A. Nandan Nilekani

                        Q8. What is the full form of NOFHC?
                        A. NOFHC-Non-Operative Financial Holding Company

                        Q9. Which bank has opened 15000 branches all over India?
                        A. State Bank Of India (SBI)

                        Q10. Who was awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award?
                        A. Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan

                        Q11. What is the minimum limit in priority sector by public sector?
                        A. 40%

                        Q12. Name the book written by Raghuram Rajan?
                        A. Fault Lines

                        Q13. On which sports person does Amar Chitra Kotha wrote “Graphic Biography”?
                        A. Dhyan Chand

                        Q14. What is the place of India in Global Competitive list by World Economic Forum?
                        A. 60th Postion

                        Q15. Sundarban National Park is located in which city?
                        A. West Bengal

                        Q16. For whom does Maharashtra State Government launched Manodhairya scheme?
                        A. For Rape victims

                        Q17. What is the current Bank Rate?
                        A. Bank Rate- 9%

                        Q18. Pullea Gopichand is associated with which game?
                        A. Badminton

                        Q19. What is the population growth rate of India from (2001-2011)?
                        A. 17.64%

                        Q20. Who is the first women chief information commissioner?
                        A. Deepak Sandhu

                        Q21. Who monitors 5 year plan in India?
                        A. Planning Commission

                        Q22. Which rate is not decided by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

                        Q 23. What is the currency of Bahrain?
                        A. Dinar
                        Q 24. Against whom Pranab Mukherjee won the Presidential Elections?
                        A. P.A Sangma
                        Q 25. Which organisation regulates the rule of International Trade among the Nations?
                        A. World Trade Organisation (WTO)
                        Q 26. Which service is provided by only Reserve Bank Of India (RBI)?
                        A. Issuance of Currency Notes.
                        Q 27. In which country the 6th World Water Forum was Organised (March 2012)?
                        A. Marseilles
                        Q 28. What is the capital of Australian?
                        A. Canberra
                        Q 29. Which country is the newest member of FIFA?
                        A. South Sudan
                        Q 30. What is the name of Patton tank developed in INDIA?
                        A. Arjun
                        Q 31 Which country launched a Spy Satellite Kombat-M in May 2012?
                        A. Russia
                        Q32. Who is the Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
                        A. Christine Lagarde
                        Q 33. Jim Yong Kim is the President of ___________?
                        A. World Bank
                        Q 34. How many member are nominated by President of India to Rajya Sabha?
                        A. Twelve (12)
                        Q35. Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of state of ________?
                        A. USA
                        Q 36. Viswanathan Anand is the famous player associated with which game?
                        A. Chess
                        Q 37. The members of Lok Sabha are elected for a period of________?
                        A. Five Years
                        Q 38. Which Act ensures that every child must get school education?
                        A. Right To Education Act (RTE)
                        Q 39. “Where shall we go this summer” book is written by which writer?
                        A. Anita Desai
                        Q 40. What does the letter `c` denotes in term CBS in Banking terms?
                        A. Core
                        Q 41. Who is the current Foreign Secretary of India?
                        A. Sujatha Singh
                        Q 42. Who was the famous author of Sanskrit Language?
                        A. Tulsidas
                        Q 43. Deepika Kumari is associated with which game?
                        A. Archery
                        Q 44. In which country Commonwealth Games 2014 will be organised?
                        A. Glasgow
                        Q 45. Who is the cabinet minister in Union Cabinet?
                        A. A.K Antony
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                        IBPS Bank PO Previous Year Papers www.ibps.in

                        IBPS Bank PO Previous Year Papers www.ibps.in
                        1.    Who is the Chairman of 14th finance commission? – YV. Reddy

                        2.    What is the Full form of IFSC code? – .Indian Financial System Code

                        3.    What does B stand’s for in Brics? – Brazil, South Africa, India & China

                        4.    What is the full form of RTGS? – Real Time Gross Settlement

                        5.    Ghoomar dance is related to which state? – Rajasthan

                        6.    Who is the current chairman of ISRO?- Dr. K. Radhakrishnan

                        7.    Who controls the future commodity market? - forward market commission

                        8.    What is the Full form of ECB – External Commercial Borrowings

                        9.    Who is the Director of movie Lagaan? - Ashutosh Gowariker

                        10.  Where does World chess championship held in? – Tamil Nadu (Chennai) 

                        11.  Goa (Panji) on which river – Mandovi River

                        12.  Aadhar card money link a/c – Bank Account.

                        13.  What Repo rate does? – Increase liquidity

                        14.  RIDF is maintained by which organisation? - Nabard

                        15.  What is the special drive that maintain the quality of coins and rupees directed by RBI- Currency Chests

                        16. One question is related to RuPay card.

                        17. Name the Cyclone affected Andhra Pradesh?- Helen

                        18. Babu Jagjivan Ram Chhatrawas yojana is related to?- Private residential accommodation to SC boys and girls studying in School and colleges.

                        19. “My Brief History” autobiography is written by?- Stephen Hawking.

                        Q 20. What is the National game of India?
                        A. Hockey

                        Q 21. Agha Khan cup is related to which sport?
                        A. Hockey

                        Q 22. First winter olympics 1924 held in which country?
                        A. France

                        Q 23. Who is the first Indian Women to win Gold medal in 400 m run in Asian games?
                        A. Kamaljit Sandhu

                        Q 24. 2014 FIFA world cup is going to held in which country?
                        A. Brazil

                        Q 25. Viswanath Anand is associated with which game?
                        A. Chess

                        Q 26. Where is the headquarters of International Olympic Committee?
                        A. Switzerland

                        Q 27. What is the nick name of Glenn McGrath?
                        A. Pigeon

                        Q 28. In which year India won its first Olympic gold medal in Hockey?
                        A. In the year 1928

                        Q 29. Sachin Tendulkar played for which county?
                        A. Yorkshire

                        Q 30. What is the middle name of Rahul Dravid?
                        A. Sharad

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                        IBPS RRB Officers Exam Last Year Question Papers

                        IBPS RRB Officers Exam Last Year Question Papers

                        1. According to the fortune 500 list of indian companies for 2012 ,which one of the following companies has retained its top slot ?

                        a. Indian oil corporation ltd

                        b. Reliance Industries ltd

                        c. Bharat Petroleum Corporation ltd

                        d. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation ltd

                        e. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation ltd

                        2. For an Instrument to be Negotiable, it must be Signed by the———

                        a. Drawer

                        b. Maker

                        c. Drawee

                        d. 1 and 2

                        e. None of these

                        3. Which of the following awards is the highest sports award given by the Central Government Of India ?

                        a. Arjuna Award

                        b. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

                        c. Dhyan Chand Award

                        d. Dronacharya Award

                        e. Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar

                        4. In a bid to Facilitate Travel By bonafide People and Reduce The Scope For misuse of tickets by touts,Indian Railways has made which of the following mandatory ?

                        a. Carrying I- Card for all Sleeper – class train Passengers

                        b. Booking tickets only from railway counters

                        c. Booking of only one passenger on a ticket

                        d. Only two tickets per person per month

                        e. None of these

                        5. Which of the following insurance companies is the sole reinsurer in the domestic reinsurance market in india ?It provides reinsurance to the insurance companies

                        6. The purpose of the public Distribution System (PDS) is/are

                        7. ———–is a food security scheme of delhi government covering about two lakh families, which are paid a monthly sum of rs 600 each.

                        8. The introduction of which among the following was recommended by the raghuram rajan committe on financial sector reforms to implement the priority sector lending in the country ?

                        9. Which university honoured union minister veerapa moily with the “Global Citizen Award” ?

                        10. Which award has been bagged by a short film on Tarapur Atomic Power Station at the Uranium film festival at Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil ?

                        11. Which of the following Indian States launched the country’s first tourist seaplane service?

                        12. Recently India and ——— signed a fresh agreement for the use of training and exercise facilities.

                        13. Who inaugurated Shankaracharya Netralaya at Jhoteshwar, Narsinghpur ?

                        14. In which of the following fields india and finland have identified several key areas of collaboration in sustainable development for mutual benefits ?

                        15. In which year of First World War Germany declared war on Russia and France?

                        a. 1914

                        16. ICAO stands for

                        a. International Civil Aviation Organization

                        17. India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.

                        a. Mica

                        18. How many Lok Sabha seats belong to Rajasthan?

                        a. 25

                        19. In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is ?

                        a. 30 trillion

                        20. In which season do we need more fat?

                        a. Winter

                        Q 21. Annually on which date World Red Cross day and Red Crescent day is celebrated?
                        A. 8th May

                        Q 22. Technical Cooperation in urban planning and management MOU is signed between which 2 countries?
                        A. India and Netherland

                        Q 23. Who laid the foundation of National Museum in New Delhi
                        A. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

                        Q 24. Who received Dada Sahib Phalke award at his residence in Mumbai this year?
                        A. Pran Kishan Sikand

                        Q 2. Who is the new home secretary of India?
                        A. Anil Goswami

                        Q 26. Naval science and Technology laboratory is inaugurated in which state?
                        A. Visakhapatnam

                        Q 27. Who is the Brand Ambassador of National tobacco control campaign?
                        A. Rahul Dravid

                        Q 28. The department of India Post allotted customized pin code to Supreme court of India?
                        A. 110201

                        Q 29. Who is the writer of the book “Ahmev Radha, Ahmev Krishnah”?
                        A. The vice president of India M Hamid Ansari.

                        Q 30. Which company has decided to acquire all the mobile handsets and services of Nokia?
                        A. Microsoft

                        Q 31. Which Indian bowler topped the ICC bowlers chart in ODI?
                        A. Ravindra Jadeja

                        Q 32. When was National skill Certification and Monetary Reward Scheme was launched?
                        A. 16th August 2013 by our Finance Minister P. Chidambaram

                        Q 33. Who is selected a Director General of CRPF?
                        A. Dilip Trivedi an IPS officer by profession.

                        Q 34. Name the president of Zimbabwe who served consecutively for 7th term in office?
                        A. Robert Mugabe

                        Q 35. Sunil Soni appointed as Director general of_________?
                        A. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

                        Q 36. Which company holds the majority share in Qualcomm’s India unit?
                        A. Bharti Airtel

                        Q 37. World Population day is observed on which day?
                        A. 11 July

                        Q 38. Koondakulam Nuclear plant is located in which state?
                        A. Tamil Nadu

                        Q 39. Name the Royal baby who born to Price william and catherine?
                        A. George Alexander Louis

                        Q 40. Name the state of India with highest literacy rate?
                        A. Kerela
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                        IBPS PO Exam 25 Model Question Papers www.ibps.in

                        IBPS PO Exam 25 Model Question Papers www.ibps.in

                        1. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE WIFE OF PM OF INDIA

                        ans 1. Gursharan Kaur

                        2. WHO CONTROLS COBRA POST AND TEHLKA ?

                        3. IN WHICH THING TESSY THOMAS IS RELATED TO

                        ans 3. Project Director for Agni-IV missile in Defence Research and Development Organisation.

                        4. SACHIN PLAYED HIS LAST ONE DAY IN WHICH PLACE ?

                        ans 4. DHAKA

                        5. WHAT IS THE FULL FORM OF EFT ?

                        ans 5. ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER

                        6. YEREWON IS CAPITAL OF WHICH COUNTRY ?

                        ans 6.ARMENIA

                        7. WHO WROTE The Satanic Verses

                        ans 7.  Salman Rushdie

                        8. WHO DONE Bank assurance  ?

                        ans 8.  Banking channel

                        9. WHAT ARE THE Largest tea exports  ?

                        ans 9.  Assam and West Bengal

                        10. complaints of customers IS DEALT BY

                        ans 10. The Banking Ombudsman

                        11. WHAT IS THE 9 Digt Code on Cheque

                        ans 10. MICR

                        12. IN WHICH YEAR CTS cheques IS

                        ans 12. CTS 2010

                        13. IN RETAIL BANKING Which of these does not include

                        ans 13. choose option from these—- Home Loan, Personal Loan, Investment

                        14. WHO WON IIFA 2013 best film

                        ans 14. Barfi

                        15. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN WHEN RBI provide loan to banks

                        ans 15. – Repo Rate

                        16. WHAT IS replaced by PLR ?

                        ans 16.  Base Rate

                        17. IN WHICH RATE Loan cannot be provided ?

                        ans 17. Base Rate

                        18. How many medals WON BY INDIA in Summer London Olympics 2012

                        ans 18.  6 MEDALS

                        19.WHAT IS THE NAME OF THAT Facilty to withdraw money to farmers

                        ans 19.  Kisan Credit Card

                        20.WHAT IS THE Full Form of BSBDA

                        ans 20.  Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

                        21.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN RBI reduces CRR

                        ans 21. Credit Supply increases

                        22.WHICH STATUE Statue in gujrat

                        ans 22.  Gujarat: Sardar Vallabhai Patel statue

                        23.IN WHICH DEPARTMENT Swarozgar Yojana comes

                        ans 23.  Ministry of Rural Development

                        24.FOR WHOM Martha Dodrey work for

                        ans 24. Polio

                        25. What is THE MEANING OF Financial inclusion?

                        ans 25.  Financial inclusion is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to vast sections of disadvantaged and low income groups (for example “no frill accounts”).

                        26. WHAT IS THE FULL FORM OF NEFT

                        ans 26 . National Electronic Fund Transfer

                        Q 27. Every year Human Rights Day is celebrated on________?
                        A. 10th December

                        Q 28. Who was awarded for Dronacharya Award 2013 for Boxing?
                        A. Mahavir Singh was awarded with Dronacharya award.

                        Q 29. Who is the chief Justice of India?
                        A. P. Sathasivam

                        Q 30. Who won the title of Wimbledon Men’s Single 2013?
                        A. Andy Murray

                        Q 31. What is the capital of Portugal?
                        A. Lisbon

                        Q 32. Who is the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas in India?
                        A. Veerappa Moily

                        Q 33. What is the Full Form of ASEAN?
                        A 7. Association of Southeast Asian Nations

                        Q 34. Where is the Headquarters of International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
                        A. Washington DC

                        Q 35. Expand the Abbreviation UNICEF?
                        A 9. United National Children’s Fund

                        Q 36. From which state Manmohan Singh is MP of Rajya sabha?
                        A. Assam State

                        Q 37. Credit linked subsidy program is linked to which program?
                        A. Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme.

                        Q 38. Who is the author of the book “Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire”?
                        A. J.K Rowling

                        Q 39. Name the latest country which joined European Union (EU) on 01/07/2013?
                        A. Croatia

                        Q 40. Who is the Opposition Leader in Rajya Sabha? 
                        A. Arun Jaitley

                        Q 41. Barkeswar Thermal Project is built in which state?
                        A. West Bengal

                        Q 42. With which sport Viswanadan Anand is associated with?  
                        A. Chess

                        Q 43. The Percentage of PWD Beneficiaries of National Rural Livelihood Mission?
                        A. 3%

                        Q 44. Which river Originates from Manasarovar Lake?
                        A. Brahmaputra River

                        Q 45. Ronjan Singh Sodhi was awarded with Rajiv Khel Ratna, is associated with which sport?
                        A. Shooting

                        Q 46. Which is the Export finance institution established to enhance the exports?
                        A. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC).

                        Q 47. Oscar 2013 best film is?
                        A. ARGO

                        Q 48. GDP Per capita is Calculated by Dividing GDP with________?
                        A. Citizens of the Country.
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                        IBPS General Awareness Previous Year Exam Papers - PO, Clerk

                        IBPS General Awareness Previous Year Exam Papers - PO, Clerk

                        Q 1. What will happen if there is an increase in Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)?
                        A. Their will be a decrease in lendable resources

                        Q 2. Why Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also known as lender of last resort?
                        A. As RBI is also known as Banker of Banks, it provides emergency advances to the banks during the time of crisis.

                        Q 3. Whenever a bank returns a cheque unpaid, then what that cheque is called?
                        A. Dishonour Cheque

                        Q 4. Which is the third largest public sector bank of India?
                        A. Punjab National Bank (PNB), whereas Bank of Broda stood 2nd and SBI on 1st position.

                        Q 5. What does ASBA stands for?
                        A. Application Supported by Blocked Amount

                        Q 6. In which year RBI announced Banking Ombudsman scheme?
                        A. 1995

                        Q 7. What is the percentage of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in private sector banks?
                        A. 74%

                        Q 8. How many directors are associated with reserve Bank of India?
                        A. Fifteen

                        Q 9. Which policy is adopted by RBI during Inflation?
                        A. Dear Money Policy

                        Q 10. What is the main function of World Bank?
                        A. To promote the growth of international trade

                        Q 11. Which negotiable instruments can be crossed to banks?
                        A. Bill of Exchange

                        Q 12. Which act is associated with problem of Non Performing Assets?
                        A. Banking Regulation Act, 1949

                        Q 13. Savings account is also known as?
                        A. Common man account

                        Q 14. What are linked accounts?
                        A. Accounts which are linked together within a same bank fir transferring money electronically.

                        Q 15. Why banking ombudsman scheme launched?
                        A. The scheme was announced to resolve customer complaints with the services of banks.

                        Q 16. Why KYC is launched by RBI?
                        A. RBI announced Know Your Customer (KYC) to ensure the correct identity of the customer.

                        Q 17. Goods and Services Tax would replace which tax?
                        A. Value Added Tax

                        Q 18. What does FRBM stands for?
                        A. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management

                        Q 19. Which organisation or institution decides base rate?

                        A. The individual respective bank.

                        Q 20. If a loan is provided at a below market rate of interest then what that loan is called?

                        A. Soft Loan

                        Q 21. What does currency swap means in General banking terms?

                        A. Currency swap is use to manage cash flows in different countries.

                        Q 22. What does consumer durable loan means?

                        A. It is loan which is provided for the purchase of white goods.

                        Q 23. Bank rate is also called________?

                        A. Policy Rate

                        Q 24. The loan provided by a bank for purchase of home is called as?

                        A. Retail Loan

                        Q 25. The loans which are provided to low income groups in small amount is called?

                        A. Micro Credit

                        Q 26. In general Banking terms what does BCSBI stands for?

                        A. Banking Codes and Standards Board of India.

                        Q 27. The 8th G-20 summit held in which country?

                        A. Saint Petersburg, Russia

                        Q28. Recently Amitabh Bachchan Honoured  with which award?

                        A. 2013 Global Diversity Award

                        Q 29. Which country will host 2020 Summer Olympics Games?

                        A. Tokyo, Japan

                        Q 30. Who is the new President of International Olympic Committee?

                        A. Thomas Bach

                        Q 31. Name the Liberia President who recently visited India and was granted with Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for the year 2012?

                        A. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

                        Q 32. International Day of Peace is observed on?

                        A. 21st September

                        Q 33. With which country India signs Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC) in New Delhi on 8th August 2013?

                        A. Morocco

                        Q 34. Who is the writer of the book “Dhyan Chand – The Wizard of Hockey’?

                        A. Luis Fernandes

                        Q 35. Who is appointed as the new chairperson of the confederation of India Industry (CII)?

                        A. Senapathy Gopalakrishnan

                        Q 36. Golf player vijay singh belongs to which country?

                        A. Fiji
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                        IBPS Clerk Previous Year Question Paper Free Download www.ibps.in

                        IBPS Clerk Previous Year Question Paper Free Download www.ibps.in

                        1. Senior citizens above 80 years of age exempted from Tax limit?
                        A. upto 5 lakh

                        2. Name the Indian Defence satellite recently launched by india from france?
                        A. GSAT7

                        3. Who is the director of silver lining playbook?
                        A. David O russel

                        4. Who launched and created RuPay card scheme?
                        A. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

                        5. Who has won the Best Actress Award at Oscars in 2013?
                        A. Jennifer Lawerence

                        6. What is the name of TVS new launched motor bike?
                        A. Jupitar

                        7. Who is  the German chancellor who again  won the elections  recently?
                        A. Angela Merkel

                        8. How many villages are there if  according to 2011 census there were 640 districts in India?
                        A. 5,94,000 villages

                        9. Who was conferred with the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development 2012 by the President of India recently?
                        A. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

                        10. Who is the  author of the book ” My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions”?
                        A. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

                        11. When is the World Health Day calebrated?
                        A. 7 April

                        12. What is meant by Run to Bank?
                        A. Heavy cash withdrawals by depositor from an account at a time

                        13. How many maximum member partners can be there in  a Limited Liability Companies ?
                        A. There is no maximum number of members

                        14. What does  Run on Bank means?
                        A. When large number of customers withdraw their deposits from a bank at the same time in either demand cash or transfer those funds into government bonds or any other safer side, because they believe that the bank is, or might become, insolvent.

                        15. Of which country FTSE-100 is the stock exchange?
                        A. London

                        16. Which of the following is not considered while framing KYC policies in a bank?
                        A. Customer Financial Position

                        17. Which tennis player won 15 grand slams and one doubles recently in Lawn Tennis?
                        A. Serena Williams

                        18. Who is the Ambassadors of prestige cookware?
                        A. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan

                        19. Rice, Pulses, Millet comes under which crops?
                        A. Food Crops

                        20. What does the full form of ROA (Return on Asset ) means?
                        A. It is Net Income/Total Assets, i.e. income which generated from invested capital.

                        21. What is the meaning of disinvestment?

                        22. The Pension Bill, a key economic reforms legislation, that aims to create a regulator for the sector allows atleast?
                        A. 26% FDI

                        23. Where does India-China Defence Summit held?
                        A. Beijing

                        Q 24. What is the full form of “CORE” in Core banking Solution?
                        A. Centralized Online Realtime Exchange.

                        Q 25. Which is the most safest card among Visa card, Master card and Maestro Card?
                        A. Maestro Card

                        Q 26. Which bank launched the Rupay card for the first time?
                        A. Bank of India

                        Q 27. What is the currency name of IMF?
                        A. SDR (Special Drawing Rights)

                        Q 28. Expand FATF and what does it mean?
                        A. FATF: Financial Action Task Force, it is used to put a hold on money supply to terrorist.

                        Q 29. What is the initial capital requirement of any Public sector company to register in SEBI?
                        A. Five Lacs

                        Q 30. What is the full form of FII?
                        A. Foreign Institutional Investor.

                        Q 31. What is Term Money?
                        A. Money which is borrowed from one bank to another for more than 15 days.

                        Q 32. G-20 meeting in 2014 is going to held in which country?
                        A. Brisbane, Australia.

                        Q 33. How many member does Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has?
                        A. Twelve Members.

                        Q 34. Which committee recommended NABARD and when was NABARD established?
                        A. NABARD is recommended by Shiv Raman Committee and is established in 1982.

                        Q 35. Who is also known as Banker for the Bank?
                        A. RBI.

                        Q 36. Which scheme is related to Financial Inclusion?
                        A. Swabhiman Scheme.

                        Q 37. Who is the Chairperson of National Advisory Council (NAC)?
                        A. Sonia Gandhi.

                        Q38. Name the central Bank of United States of America?
                        A. Federal Bank.

                        Q 39. What is the minimum and maximum fund transfer limit in National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)?
                        A. Their is no such limit of money transfer in NEFT.

                        Q40. Which company rolls out with first White Label ATM?
                        A. Tata Communications Payment Solutions Ltd.

                        Q 41. Expand MGNREGA and what is it meant for?
                        A. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA), this scheme is meant for job guarantee to rural Indians
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                        IBPS Cwe RRB Officers Exam Previous Year Question Papers

                        IBPS Cwe RRB Officers Exam Previous Year Question Papers

                        Q 1. What is the maximum limit of Fund transfer through RTGS?
                        A. There is no maximum limit of fund transfer through RTGS, whereas the minimum limit is Rs 2 Lac.

                        Q 2. Which bank launched India’s first accessible and Talking ATM and in which year?
                        A. Union Bank of India in the year 2012.

                        Q 3. Which two RRB banks merged to form Kerala Gramin Bank?
                        A. South and North Malabar Gramin Banks.

                        Q 4. What are the secondary Functions of any Commercial Bank?
                        A. Providing Locker Facility to the customers, credit cards, cheque books, foreign exchange facility.

                        Q 5. What is mandatory for opening a Demat Account?
                        A. Permanent Account Number (PAN card) is a necessity for Demat Account.

                        Q 6. What is the full form of MFIN and is recommended by which committee?
                        A. Micro Finance Institutions Network (MFIN), this institution is recommended by Vaghul Committee.

                        Q 7. How many characters are their in IFSC code and what is its Full Form?
                        A. IFSC: Indian Financial System Code. In this the first four characters are related to bank (first four characters are always Alphabets) and the last seven characters are related to branch. The fifth character is always 0.

                        Q 8. What is tight money?
                        A. When one gets a loan on high rate of interest then that is known as tight money.

                        Q 9. Where is the headquarter of Allahabad Bank?
                        A. Kolkata.

                        Q 10. Which countries are the members of SAARC Organisation?
                        A. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepal.

                        Q 11. What is the Full form of NABARD and when it was established?
                        A. National Bank For Agriculture and Rural Development. This bank was established in 1982 and its headquarters is in Mumbai.

                        Q 12. Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
                        A. Raghuram Govinda Rajan and he started his service as 23rd Governor of RBI from 4th September 2013.

                        Q 13. Name the central bank of Pakistan?
                        A. State Bank of Pakistan, earlier till 1948 RBI worked as a central bank of Pakistan.

                        Q14. How many US based scientists recently win Nobel Prize in medicine
                        for work on traffic control system of cells?
                        Answer : Three

                        Q 15.Which element has no nutron?
                        Q16. How much kilogram gold recently seized from aircraft in Chennai?
                        Answer : 32 Kilogram

                        Q17. Who has been recently appointed as first women chairman of State Bank of India?
                        Answer : Arundhati Bhattacharya
                        Q18. Which former mines minister named in illegal mining case?
                        Answer : Somnath Zuwarkar

                        Q19. Who is the COAL MINISTER OF INDIA?
                        Ans. SRIPRAKASH JAISWAL

                        Q20. For how many years, Hyderabad will be the capital of both
                        Telangana and Andhra Pradesh?
                        Ans. 10
                        Q21. Who is the CHEIF OF I.B?
                        Ans. ASIF IBRAHIM

                        Que 22. Kalinga Prizeis related to ___?
                        Answer:Popularization of Science
                        Q23. Who received the first NOBLE for INDIA?
                        Ans. RABINDRA NATH TAIGORE

                        Q24. Which Bollywood actress recently arrested by Mumbai Police for
                        abusing cops?
                        Answer : Anjum Nayar

                        Que 25. Who is known as thefather of Indian Cricket?
                        Answer:Renjith Singh
                        Q26. Who is the AUTHOR OF “WINGS OF FIRE”?
                        Ans A.P.J ABUL KALAM

                        Q27.who is thecurrent nawab of patudi?
                        Answer:Saif Ali Khan

                        Q28.Who is the SPEAKER OF LOK SABHA?
                        Ans. MEIRA KUMAR
                        Q29. The author of the book Midnight’s Children is?
                        Ans. SALMAN RUSHDIE

                        Q30. Who win the United Nations’ Special Envoy for Global Education’s
                        Youth Courage Award for Education?
                        Ans. Razia Sultana

                        Q31. What is the name of BJP general secretary who recently questioned by CBI in Prajapati murder case?
                        Answer : Ram Lal

                        Que 32. Which of the following is the full form of the term SLR as used in the banking sector ?

                        Statutory Liquidity Ratio

                        Q 33. The scientists of the Smithsonian Institution of the United States have recently announced the discovery of a new mammal named ?
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                        IBPS Question Paper Answers From Previous IBPS Clerk Exam

                        IBPS Question Paper Answers From Previous IBPS Clerk Exam

                        Q 1. The first Unix operating system in its development stage, was written in __________?
                        A. B Language

                        Q 2. The input device that is used to play computer game is the ?
                        A. Joystick

                        Q 3. One byte represents how many bits?
                        A. 1 Byte = 8 bits

                        Q 4. Where is the headquarters of Intel located?
                        A. California

                        Q 5. The operating system is the most common type of ____________ software.
                        A. System Software

                        Q 6.  What is the name given to the specially designed computer chips that are fixed inside other devices, like your car?
                        A. Embedded Computer

                        Q 7. The binary language consists of ____________ digits?
                        A. Two digits

                        Q 8. If you want to upgrade you Personal Computer (PC), then you need to update the
                        A. CPU

                        Q 9. The first ever Intel microprocessor was introduced in _________?
                        A. 1971

                        Q 10. Who is known as the Father of computers?
                        A. Charles Babbage

                        Q 11. Each decimal digit in a Binary coded decimal (BCD) numbers are termed as?
                        A. Nibble

                        Q 12. In ALU of a computer consists of a number of high speed storage elements called as?
                        A. Registers

                        Q 13. Who is responsible for coordinating various operations using timing signals in a computer system?
                        A. Control Unit

                        Q 14. Information which travels on the mother board between various components through?
                        A. Buses

                        Q 15. When the pointer is shaped like a hand then it is positioned on a __________?
                        A. Hyperlink

                        Q 16. If you want to edit a word document by using Copy and Paste command that which menu you will select?
                        A. Edit Menu

                        Q 17. In a typical network the most powerful computer is __________?
                        A. Network Server

                        Q 18. Converting a data into _________ is a main function of Software?
                        A. Information

                        Q 19. Which number system is used by all the computer systems for storage and performing calculations?
                        A. Binary Number System

                        Q 20. In computer terms Expand TB?
                        A. Terabyte

                        Q 21. Machine Tool is an example of ____________ goods?
                                a. Free, b. intermediary, c. Consumer, d. capital
                        Q 22. Gandhara art was the combination of ?
                        Q 23. Mohammed Gawan was famous Wazir and Vakil in the Kingdom of?
                        Q 24. An index number measuring the average price of consumer goods and services purchased by households is?
                                a. Cost of living index, b. wholesale price index, c. consumer price index, d.Human                                     Development index.
                        Q 25. Oligopoly consists of?
                                a. Single seller, b. few sellers, c. two sellers, d. three sellers
                        Q 26. National Income in India is estimated by?
                        Q 27. The fixed cost in the short run for a producing firm will be?
                                a. Always increasing, b. fluctuating, c. declining, d. constant and fixed
                        Q 28. Fascism believes in?
                        Q 29. Which of the following is not a constitutional body?
                                a. Finance Commission, b. UPSC, c. SSC, d. Election Commission
                        Q30. The first governor of the Portuguese in India was?
                        Q 31. Which of the following reformative measures was not introduced by William Bentinck?
                                  a. Abolition of slavery, b. suppression of thugs, c. abolition of sati, d. Removal of disabilities                    due to change of religion.
                        Q 32. Which work of Thomas Paine inspired the colonial people to fight against Britain during the American War of Independence?
                        Q 33. Which one of the tree species does not belong to deciduous vegetation?
                                  a. Sandalwood, b. Deodar, c. Teak, d. Sal
                        Q 34. The predominant soil is the coastal plains and North Indian Plains is?
                                  a. Alluvial, b. Arid, c. Black, d. Red
                        Q 35. Rocks having large quantity of underground water and permitting ready flow of water are called?
                        Q 36. Under the advisory jurisdiction, the Supreme Court gives its opinion on a question of law or fact of great public importance referred to it by?
                        Q 37. How much time is given to Rajya Sabha to pass a money bill.
                        Q 38. The electoral college to elect the President composes?
                        Q 39. The animal association seen in a sucker fish attached to a shark is?
                        Q 40. Which is the Symbiotic Nitrogen fixing becteria?
                        Q 41. Which one of the follow is not the grassland?
                        a. Downs, b. Veld, c. Selvas, d. Steppes
                        Q 42. Duncan Passage separates?
                        Q 43. In biology, water soluble substances are called as?
                        Q 44. Amoeba acquires its food through the process of?
                        Q 45. Female anopheles mosquito is the vector of?
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                        Previous Year Question Papers Of Ibps Cwe www.ibps.in

                        Previous Year Question Papers Of Ibps Cwe www.ibps.in

                        Q 1. What is money laundering?
                        A. Money Laundering is the process of converting illegal money (Fraud money) into legal money.
                        Q 2. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is given for excellence in the field of______?
                        A. Science and Technology.
                        Q 3. What is a stale cheque?
                        A. Any cheque which has completed 3 months from the date of its issue.
                        Q 4. Which honorary rank is given to M.S. Dhoni in the Territorial Army?
                        A. Lieutenant Colonel
                        Q 5. World’s biggest consumer of gold is ________?
                        A. India
                        Q 6. Who has won Canadian Grand Prix 2013?
                        A. Sebastian Vettel
                        Q 7. Which company has released “Surface” Tablet?
                        A. Microsoft
                        Q 8. Where is the Headquarters of Apple Inc and who is its CEO?
                        A. Apple’s headquarters is in California, USA and its current CEO is Tim Cook.
                        Q 9. What is the currency of Bangladesh?
                        A. Taka
                        Q 10. What is the capital of Russia and who is its President?
                        A. Capital of Russia is Moscow and its current President is Vladimir Putin.
                        Q 11. What is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and which is its largest city?
                        A. Capital is Bhopal and its largest city is Indore.
                        Q 12. Who has won Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award 2013?
                        A. Rafiq Kathwari (An Indian-American)
                        Q 13. Who is the new Miss World 2013?
                        A. Megan Young from Phillipines
                        Q 14. Who is the Goodwill Ambassador of Republic of Korea?
                        A. Shahrukh Khan
                        Q 15. Who is the chairman of Indian Premier League (IPL)?
                        A. Ranjib Biswal replaced Rajeev Shukla.
                        Q 16. On which day The world heart day is celebrated every year?
                        A. 29th September
                        Q 17. Who is also known as Lender Of Last Resort?
                        A. RBI
                        Q 18. In which City of China, SBI opened its second Branch?
                        A. Tianjin and first branch is in Shanghai.

                        Q19. What is the full form of  IBSA ?
                        A.  India Brazil South Africa

                        Q20. Which bank has Head Quater in Bangalore ?
                        A. Vijaya

                        Q21. MSF rate 9.5 has decreased to how much on 07/10/2013
                        A. Nine

                        Q22. Who is the Director of movie Lunchbox ?
                        A. Ratish Batra

                        Q23. Who got International Child Peace Prize ?
                        A.  Malala Yousafzai

                        Q24. Where is the 1st CYBER FORENSIC LAB ?
                        A. Tripura

                        Q25. How much money is insured by DICGC ?
                        A.  One lakh

                        Q26. Who is the New DG of WTO ?
                        A.  Roberto Azevedo

                        Q27. Who is the writer of  Life of Pie novel ?
                        A. Yann Martel

                        Q28.What is the  Duration of 12th year plan ?
                        A. 2012-17

                        Q29. Who got Gujar Mal Modi Award 2013 ?
                        A. Vinod Prakash Sharma

                        Q30. What is the Limit of educational loans under priority sector for abroad ?
                        A. 20 Lakh

                        Q31. ON 14 august 2013 Which tennis player has retired ?
                        A. Marion Bartoli

                        Q32. According to 2004,how much  Senior citizens can invest ?
                        A. 15 Lakh

                        Q33. How much GDP Growth rate of India as per Central Statistics Office (CSO) for 2013?

                        Q34.  which state has highest Rural Population according to 2011 census ?
                        A. Uttar Pradesh (15.51 crore- 18.16% of Indias Rural Population)

                        Q35. What is the Full form of CDS ?
                        A.  Credit Default Swap

                        Q36. Fairfax group head which brought blackberry
                        A. PremWatsa

                        Q37. What is the  Aadhaar Bill name ?
                        A. UIDAI bill

                        Q38. Which option will be provided to voters by Election Commission in upcoming elections as per the directives of Supreme Court
                        A. Option to Reject All (NOTA)

                        Q39. Which Indian actor is/has been selected for a US award for his television show by the America Abroad Media (AAM)
                        A. Aamir Khan for Satyameva Jayathe

                        Q40. Which country has DAX in the Stock Market ?
                        A. Germany

                        Q41. What  is the  maximum limit of  NEFT ?
                        A.  No Limit

                        Q42. A Record has been made by Indian Women players by winning bronze medal for the first time in which sport event recently
                        A. Hockey

                        Q43. In year 2013-14 the  Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana is provided with how much money ?
                        A. 9954 crores
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                        Ibps General Awareness Previous Years Question Papers Download

                        Ibps General Awareness Previous Years Question Papers Download

                        Q 1. In which country Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) is planning to open its first overseas Branch?
                        A. Dubai (UAE)

                        Q 2. Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) was nationalised on?
                        A. 1st January 1949

                        Q 3. Which bank has launched Project Namaskar?
                        A. Punjab National Bank (PNB)

                        Q 4. Name the Government Body who approves Five Year Plan in India?
                        A. National Development Council

                        Q 5. What is the Full Form of CENVAT?
                        A. Central Value Added Tax and is related to Excise duty.

                        Q 6. What is the full form of NAMA?
                        A. Non Agricultural Market Access.

                        Q 7. NAMA is related to which organisation?
                        A. World trade Organisation (WTO)

                        Q 8. Recently a new helpline “Udyami” is launched. Please name the sector for which it is inaugurated?
                        A. Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

                        Q 9. Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) is replaced by?
                        A. Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)

                        Q 10. What is the Full form of SEBI and its year of establishment?
                        A. SEBI: Securities and Exchange Board of India is established in year 1988.

                        Q 11. When was WTO formed and where is its headquarters?
                        A. World Trade Organisation was formed on 1st January 1995 and its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland.

                        Q 12. World Bank Comprises of 2 institutions, Name them?
                        A. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International Development Association (IDA).

                        Q 13. When was world bank created and where is its headquarters?
                        A. World Bank was formed in 1944 and its headquarters is in Washington DC, USA.

                        Q 14. What is the current Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate?
                        A. Current Repo Rate is 7.50% and Reverse Repo Rate is 6.50%.

                        Q 15. What is the current Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)?
                        A. CRR- 4% and SLR- 23%?

                        Q 16. What is the current Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) and Bank Rate?
                        A. Both MSF and Bank Rate are 9.5%.

                        Q17. In which part of the world americans live in?
                        Ans: in Northern hemisphere
                        Q18. Which Indian Badminton player faces life ban over Indian Badminton League row?
                        Answer : Jwala Gutta

                        Que 19.how manymembersare ineuropian union?
                        ans:28 members
                        Q20. Which Cricket team recently beat Trinidad and Tobago by six wickets to enter the final of Champions League Twenty20?
                        Answer : Mumbai Indians

                        Q21. Which Pakistani girl recently honoured with human rights Politkovskaya ward?
                        Answer : Malala yousafzai
                        Q22. Who is the current Human Resource Development minister of India?
                        Answer : Pallam Raju
                        Q23. What is the name of Indian-American who led the trade promotion arm of the US Commerce Department named by US President Barack Obama?
                        Answer : Arun M. Kumar

                        Que 24..Zindagi Ka Karvan’book is anautobiographyof
                        Answer: Former prime ministerchandrasekhar
                        Q25. Which Cricketer recently completed a milestone of 50,000 runs in all forms of recognised cricket?
                        Answer : Sachin Tendulkar

                        Q26. How many militants killed by Indian army on Kashmir LoC?
                        Answer : Four
                        Q27. Which former Prime Minster’s elder son recently joins BJP?
                        Answer : Shri Chandra Shekhar
                        Q28.Who is the PRESIDENT OF BANGLADESH?
                        Ans. ABDUL HAMID

                        Q29. What is the name of senior Hindustani classical vocalist who recently passes away?
                        Answer : Panchakshari Swami Mattigatti
                        Q30. Who has been recently honoured with P L Roy CSR Award?
                        Answer : ONGC

                        Que 31. Who became thefirst playerto win four successive ballon d’or awards ?
                        Answer:Lionel Mess

                        Que 32. name ofprotein in milk
                        Q33. Who has been recently awarded with IPI award for excellence in Journalism?
                        Answer : Karan Thapar

                        Q34. Who is the chief of panel committee to scrutinize new bank

                        Q35. Who became the first four- star officer of Pakistan to receive an extension from an elected government after his tenure as the army chief ended in 2010?
                        Answer : General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani
                        Q36. Who is the current secretary of Badminton Association of India?
                        Answer : Dr Vijai Sinha
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                        Ibps Clerk Previous Year Question Papers www.ibps.in


                        Ibps Clerk Previous Year Question Papers www.ibps.in

                        Que 1.What is the currency of  Brazil?

                        Ans 1 – Real

                        Que 2.What is the full form of  ECS ?

                        Ans 2– Electronic Clearing System

                        Que 3. Who has been conferred with Indira Gandhi peace prize 2012 ?

                        Ans 3 – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

                        Que 4.  Who wrote Devdas ?

                        Ans 4 – Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay

                        Que 5. Tatason tied up with which to promote Indian airlines ?

                        Ans 5 – Singapore airlines.

                        Que 6. Which Indian film has been nominated in 2014 in Oscar

                        Ans 6 – The Good Road

                        Que 7. Which film has been choosen in 60th national awards best film ?

                        Ans 7 – Paan Singh Tomar

                        Que 8.In India which is the  Largest coffe exporting state ?

                        Ans 8 : Karnataka

                        Que 9. Mc-x chairman: Satyananda Mishra former Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)

                        Que 10. Question related to self help group?

                        Que 11. The rate at which bank cannot lend money % of sponserd bank state govt and central govt

                        Que 12. Banks which are nationalized in second schedule act are known as

                        Ans  Scheduled Commercial Banks

                        Que 13. When is the Human rights day ?

                        Ans 13 -10 Dec.

                        Que 14. The time limit for resolution of customer complaints in banks has been reduced from 12 days to

                        Ans 14 - 7 days

                        Que 15. MNREGA-no. of days

                        Ans 15 100days

                        Que 16. How many digits in IFSC  code ?

                        Ans 16 -11 digit

                        Que 17. In which Enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed 25 lakh

                        Ans 17 -micro enterprise

                        Que 18. Credit information agency-Cibil

                        Que 19. Who launched Rupay card

                        Ans 19- NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India )

                        Que 20. Which bank is known as Central bank of India ?

                        Ans 20-RBI (Reserve Bank Of India )

                        Que 21. How to To increase liquidity ?

                        Ans 21- By Decreasing Repo Rate.

                        Que 22 which foreign language film gets  Best foreign language film at the 86th academy awards ?

                        Ans 22 -Armour

                        Que 23.  Question related to CASA RATIO?

                        Que 24.who is the Noble peace prize 2013 winner ?

                        Ans 24 - OPCW

                        Que 25. Upto one lakh insurance in banks done by-DICGC

                        26. Total internal reflection Occurs When Light Travels From-

                        a). a rarer medium to a denser medium with angle of incidence greater than crictical angle.
                        b). a denser medium to a rarer medium with angle of incidence greater than crictical angle.
                        c). a rarer medium to a denser medium.
                        d). a denser medium to a rarer medium

                        27. MCB, Which cuts Off the electricity Supply in case of Short circuiting works on the-

                        a). magnetic effect of current         b). electroplating effect of current
                        c). chemical effect of current          d). heating effect of current

                        28. A plant with green leaves viewed in red light will appear-

                        a). red     b). violet     c). black     d). green

                        29. A body moving in a circular path with constant speed has-

                        a). constant acceleration          b). constant retardation
                        c). radially outward acceleration       d). variable acceleration

                        30. __________  is the amount of work that the system is able to do per unit time.

                        a). Throughtput    b). output    c). turnaround    d). transfer rate

                        31. An example of a covalent molecule is-

                        a). sodium chloride    b). lead chloride    c). potassium chloride    d). carbon tetrachloride

                        32. The element common to all acids is :-

                        a). hydrogen    b). oxygen    c). sulphur    d). nitrogen

                        33. In medicine bottles containing tablets, a small pouch of silica gel is kept to :-

                        a). basic oxide   b). acid oxide   c). neutral oxide   d). amphoteric acid

                        34. Aluminium oxide is a/an :-

                        a). mountain   b). forest   c). ocean   d). desert

                        35. An operating system is a/an 

                        a). system software   b). application software   c). utility software   d). accounting software

                        36. In DOS, the DIR command is used to :-

                        a). display list of files and subdirectories          b). delete files
                        c). display contents of a file       d). copy files

                        37. Which one of the following novels was not written by charles dickens :-

                        a). pride and prejudice   b). hard times   c). oliver twist   d). pickwick papers

                        38. which country has given asylum to julian assange, Wikileaks founder :-

                        a). russia    b). ecuador    c). cuba    d). none of the above

                        39. Which of the following is a biodegradable pollutant :-

                        a). bleaching effluent    b). heavy metals     c). sewage     d). dye effluent

                        40. The concentration of pollutants in atmosphere are generally expressed in :-

                        a). parts per billion   b). parts per million   c). parts per trillion   d). kilogram per square metre

                        41. Which country won the confederations cup 2013 :-

                        a). brazil     b). uruguay     c). italy     d). spain

                        42. Who is chief Justice of india :-

                        a). justice p.sathasivam   b). justice altamas kabir   c). justice k.g balakrishnan   d). justice markandey singh

                        43. Which one of the following days does not synchronize with the birth anniversary of eminent Indian :-

                        a). teachers day    b). childrens day    c) Gandhi Jayanti     d). national science day

                        44. What is the currency of south Africa :-

                        a). rial      b). real      c). Dirham      d). rand

                        45. Which one of the following countries is not a member of the organization of petroleum exporting countries:-

                        a). brazil      b). libya      c). ecuador      d). algeria
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                        IBPS CLERK Question Paper with Answers Download

                        IBPS CLERK Question Paper with Answers Download

                        Q1. Who has been recently won the Miss World crown 2013?
                        Answer : Megan Young

                        Q2. What is the name of Congress Rajya Sabha MP who recently gets 4 year jail?
                        Answer : Rasheed Masood
                        Q3. Which Player recently hits century as Delhi reaches the final of Challenger Trophy
                        Answer : Unmukt Chand

                        Q4. Which Indian state hikes bus fares by 30 percent from 1 October?

                        Answer : Himachal Pradesh

                        Q5. Which team became the first team to make into the semi-finals of Champions League Twenty20 2013?
                        Answer : Chenni Super Kings (CSK)
                        Q6. What is the name of current captain of Australia who recently misses India tour due to back injury?
                        Answer : Michael Clarke

                        Q7. Which Court recently sends contempt notice to General V K Singh?
                        Answer : Supreme Court
                        Q8. Which Bollywood actor recently gets 14 day parole on health grounds?
                        Answer : Sanjay Dutt

                        Q9. Which Indian company recently buys Oakley Court in UK for Rs 256 crore?

                        Answer : Sahara Group

                        Q10. Which two countries signed a landmark civil nuclear deal after 5 years?
                        Answer : India And United State

                        Q11. Which Indian Player recently won the Pan Pacific Open doubles title?
                        Answer : Sania Mirza

                        Q12. Which Company recently launched Flying Spur in India for just at Rs.3.1 crore?
                        Answer : Bentley
                        Q13. Which Political party recently suspended MP Kunal Ghosh?
                        Answer : Trinamool Congress
                        Q14. What is the name of former telecom minister who booked by Crime Branch of India in BSNL case?
                        Answer : Dayanidhi Maran
                        Q15. What is the name of Muzaffarnagar SSP who has been recently removed from post?
                        Answer : Praving Kumar

                        Q16. How many percent quotas for locals in 12 Delhi University colleges?
                        Answer : 90 Percent
                        Q17. Which State court sent Let bomb expert Tunda to 3 day police custody?
                        Answer : Delhi

                        Q18. Which University scientists found world’s sharpest X-ray beam?
                        Answer : University of Gottingen
                        Q19. Which Indian Player recently enters the final of youth boxing championships?
                        Answer : Nikhat Zareen

                        Q20. Recently how many dreaded SIMI terrorists slip away from Madhya Pradesh jail?
                        Answer : Seven

                        Q2 1. What is the Full Form of LAN, MAN, WAN and PAN?
                        A. LAN: Local Area Network, MAN: Metropolitan Area Network, WAN: Wide Area Network, PAN: Personal Area Network.

                        Q 22. Which is the fourth layer of OSI Model and also tell the function of that layer?
                        A. Fourth Layer is Transport Layer, and its function is to delivery of packets between points on a Network.

                        Q 23. Which shortcut key is used to Justify the Text in a Document?
                        A. Ctrl+J

                        Q 24. Which computers can do complex calculations easily?
                        A. Supercomputers

                        Q2 5. One Byte is equal to how many Bits?
                        A. Eight

                        Q 26. If you make some changes in the document file, then what does that process means?
                        A.  a. Deleting, b. Adjusting, c. Editing, d. Creating

                        Q 27. The code which is consists of many lines with different widths and are readable by computer are called?
                        A. Bar Codes

                        Q 28. C, Basic and Java are which kind of languages?
                        A. Low High Level Language

                        Q 29. ________ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors?
                        A. Formatting

                        Q 30.When a mouse pointer is in a hand like shape then it denotes a ________?
                        A. Hyperlink

                        Q 31. Restarting a computer is known as?
                        A. Warm Booting

                        Q 32. Name the port which can connect special musical instruments with sound cards?
                        A. MIDI

                        Q 33. What is the Full Form of HTML?
                        A. Hyper Text Mark-up Language

                        Q34. In computer terms what does POST stands for?
                        A. Power On Self Test

                        Q 35. Which shortcut key will be used to select the entire text in the document?
                        A. Ctrl+A

                        Q 36. Which device can input graphical images and pictures in computer?
                        A. Scanner

                        Q 37. Expand the terms RAM and ROM?
                        A. RAM: Random Access Memory, ROM: Read Only Memory

                        Q 38. Which service allows users to access their E-mail from anywhere?
                        A. Webmail Interface
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                        IBPS RRB Question Papers For PO, Clerks, Specialist Officers

                        IBPS RRB Question Papers For PO, Clerks, Specialist Officers

                        Q 1.Who issued treasury bill ?
                        A. Govt.of india issued treasury bill.

                        Q 2 What kind of banks are—bank of india,allahabad,united bank of india
                        A. all the banks are nationalised banks

                        Q 3. What is the full form of ECGC ?
                        A. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation

                        Q 4. Which bank works for infrastructure ?
                        A. NHB

                        Q 5. What is the name of the urban development leader ?
                        A. JNNURM–J L NEHRU

                        Q 6.What is the Minimum Paid Capital For Banking Licence ?
                        A. 500 CRORE

                        Q 7. EXPAND OECD ?
                        A. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (GROUP OF 34 COUNTRIES)

                        Q 8. What is the name of the first Women bank of India ?
                        A. Bharatiya Mahila Bank

                        Q 9.FRBMA-2003 ACT
                        Q 10. Who is the Head of World Bank ?
                        A. JIM YONG KIM

                        Q 11. Who Managed BROWN ATM ?
                        Q 12 ASSURANCE TERM?

                        Q 13. What is SAVING DEPOSIT ?
                        A. DEMAND LIABILITY

                        Q 14.What is the LIMIT OF CASH TRANSACTION PER ANNUM ?

                        Q 15.Why GST WILL NOT REMOVE TAX ?
                        A. Because Of  EXPORT

                        Q 16. What is the Definition Of NATIONAL INCOME ?
                        Q 17. Who is the President Of PAKISTAN ?
                        A. MAMNOON HUSSAIN

                        Q 18.What is the TAX LIMIT ON EXPORT ?
                        Q 19. In Which Year RBI ISSUED LAST BANKING LICENSE ?

                        Q 20.On which the INFLATION is based
                        A.  WPI OR CPI?

                        Q 21. How many MNREGA DAYS are there ?
                        A. 100

                        Q 22.What is the percent of GDP in  RBI QUARTER REPORT  on 30th July ?
                        A. 5.7 TO 5.5 %

                        Q 23. Which country does DOW JONES  belongs to ?
                        A. -AMERICA?

                        Q 24.What does RuPAY means ?
                        A. CREDIT CARD

                        Q 25. What is The Economic Performance Of PUDUCHERRY ?
                        Q 26 .On Which Day is NO TOBACCO DAY Is ?
                        A.  31 MAY

                        Q 27. What is the Primary Market Definition ?
                        A. -ipo SELL

                        Q 28.Why is there an increase in the IMPORT DUTY ON SUGAR?
                        A. TO CLEAR 9000 CRORE ARREAR

                        Q 29 What are the PPF MINIMUM YEARS?
                        A. 15 YEARS

                        Q 30. What is the Percentage in FDI IN BANKING SECTOR ?
                        A. -49% ALLOWED

                        Q 31. What is FOREIGN EXCHANGE AND MONEY DEVALUATION ?
                        Q 32. What is the Definition of BUDGET DEFICIT ?
                        Q 33. What is the Definition of RECESSION ?
                        Q 34. What is the Meaning of DEBT TRAP ?
                        Q 35.What is the Function Of RBI ?

                        36.Name the Japan’s recent rocket? –epsilon
                        37.What is the name of APJ Kalam book? -Transforming the dreams.
                        38.Who won “pride of nation award”.
                        39.What is the upper limit in RTGS? -No limit
                        40.Which bank has its head office at New Delhi-Oriental bank of commerce
                        41.Savings account interest is calculated on –monthly basis.
                        41.Nobel prize winners of economics researched on which topic?
                        42. The former chairman of Infosys company joined which company?
                        43.What is the full form of ICDS? -Integrated Child Development Service.
                        44. By which scheme all the roads In India are going to be connected?
                        45.Name the method to transfer money between banks by overnight.
                        46.Rajiv Gandhi Aviation university will be set up at— Rae bareli.
                        47.What is the function of IMF?
                        48.What is dmat acct-Shares in electronic form.
                        49.Asian Development bank reduced india’s GDP to? 4.7%
                        50.What is the tenure period of RBI’s treasury bill?
                        51.What is the upper limit for Education loan?
                        52. which bank is providing the facilty for financial transaction via facebook?–ICICI
                        53.Non Financial Companies minimum limit to set up ATM?
                        54. Who is the chancellor of Germany? Angela Merkel
                        55 Who is the winner of Asia Cup? – South Korea
                        56. Who is the President and CEO of i-Gate Technologies? Ashok Vemuri
                        57. Who is the permanent representative of India to UNESCO? Ruchira Kamboj
                        58. Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of?-Save the word
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                        IBPS Previous Year Question Papers Download IBPS BANK EXAMS GENERALAWARENESS PRACTICE QUESTIONS Download

                        IBPS Previous Year Question Papers Download IBPS  BANK EXAMS GENERAL AWARENESS PRACTICE QUESTIONS Download

                        1. Among the following statements, which one is not a correct statement?
                        1) RBI circulates money with the permission of the state governments
                        2) RBI authorized the banks to open branches in North Eastern part of India
                        with out its prior permission
                        3) RBI orders that 25 % of the new branches must be open in rural areas
                        4) RBI is having the sole authority to control bank operations in Co-operative
                        5) RBI is strict in the content of Bank Advertisements
                        2. As per RBI report banks disposed Rs.4.26 Lakh crores to farm sector,
                        against the target of ........... lakh crore during 2010-2011?
                        1) 3.50
                        2) 5.23
                        3) 9.1
                        4) 6.5
                        5) 7.1
                        3. Banker's Committee on Rural Housing headed by ...........?
                        1) M.D.Malya
                        2) R.Sridhar
                        3) M.V.Nair
                        4) Alok Kumar Misra
                        5) Basant Seth
                        4. Monthly (some times daily) the amount deposited in the account. In the
                        maturity period, the large amount got by the customer. The account is
                        called ...........?
                        1) Savings
                        2) Fixed
                        3) Recurring
                        4) Corporate
                        5) Current

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                        IBPS Previous Year Question Papers Download IBPS Reasoning SamplePapers Download

                        IBPS Previous Year Question Papers Download IBPS  Reasoning  Sample Papers Download

                        1. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one

                        that does not belong to the group ?
                        (A) Sand
                        (B) Stone
                        (C) Cement
                        (D) Brick
                        (E) Wall
                        Ans : (E)
                        2. If Yellow is called Green, Green is called Black, Black is called White, White is called Red,
                        Red is called Blue, Blue is called Orange then what is the colour of milk ?
                        (A) White
                        (B) Black
                        (C) Red
                        (D) Green
                        (E) None of these
                        Ans : (C)
                        3. Pointing to a photograph Seema said ‘He is the only grandson of my mother’s father-inlaw’.
                        How is the man in photograph related to Seema ?
                        (A) Father
                        (B) Uncle
                        (C) Cousin
                        (D) Brother
                        (E) Cannot be determined
                        Ans : (D)
                        4. If ‘+’ means ‘×’, ‘×’ means ‘÷’, ‘÷’ means ‘–’ and ‘–’ means ‘+’ what is the value of - 17 + 15
                        – 135 × 9 ÷ 70 ?
                        (A) 270
                        (B) 240
                        (C) 170
                        (D) 200
                        (E) None of these
                        Ans : (D)
                        5. If it is possible to make a meaningful word from the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the eighth
                        and the eleventh letters of the word GOURMANDISE using each letter only once first letter of
                        the word is your answer. If more than one such word can be formed your answer is X. If no
                        such word can be formed your answer is Y—
                        (A) D
                        (B) R
                        (C) M
                        (D) X
                        (E) Y
                        Ans : (D)
                        6. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one
                        that does not belong to the group ?
                        (A) Silver
                        (B) Gold
                        (C) Nickel
                        (D) Copper
                        (E) Brass
                        Ans : (E)

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                        IBPS GK General Knowledge Questions with Answers And All BANK EXAMS GkQuestions And Answers Download

                        IBPS GK General Knowledge Questions with Answers And All BANK EXAMS Gk Questions And Answers Download

                        IBPS GK Questions with Answers 2013|BANK EXAMS General awareness / knowledge (GK).General awareness / knowledge (GK) is the compulsory test conducted in any kind of Competitive Exams. GK is over all gathered information related to current happenings and past events too. we provided the question with correct answers for those aspirants who want to appear for any Competition Exam Preparation. In order to test candidate’s knowledge on current affairs, GK and awareness about his surroundings. Here you can find 20 most important GK questions, which may consume 30 minutes at max to complete this task. So, get started and take the test.

                        Important questions to enhance General awareness knowledge 2013 :

                        Q-1.: Name the player of USA who created history by grabbing his 22nd Olympic medal?

                        Ans: Michael Phelps (retires, won 18 gold medals in total).

                        Q-2.: Which company name is based on river name?

                        a) Samsung

                        b) Sony Ericsson

                        c) Nokia

                        d) HTC

                        Ans: c

                        Q-3.: How many medals are won by India in Olympics 2012?

                        a) 3 medals, 1 bronze and 2 silver

                        b) 7 medals, 4 bronze and 2 silver, 1 gold

                        c) 6 medals, 4 bronze and 2 silver

                        d) 8 medals, 1 bronze and 2 silver, 5 gold

                        Ans: c

                        Q-4.: Who is the first Indian male shuttler to reach Olympic quarters?

                        Ans: Parupalli Kashyap.

                        Q-5.: Which famous explorer visited India in the late 13th century?

                        a) Vasco Da Gama

                        b) Marco Polo

                        c) Ferdinand Magellan

                        d) None of the above

                        Ans: b

                        Q-6.: Name the Indian who won Magsaysay award for community initiatives in Tamil Nadu?

                        Ans: Kulandei Francis

                        Q-7.: Where is a tunnel near the Indo-Pak border detected?

                        Ans: In Samba.

                        Q-8.: Compound and Recurve are the types of equipment associated with which sports?

                        a) Archery

                        b) Baseball

                        c) Basketball

                        d) Ice Hockey

                        Ans: a

                        Q-9.: Bleaching Powder is prepared by passing chlorine through

                        a) Milk of lime

                        b) Dry lime

                        c) Limestone

                        d) Quicklime

                        Ans: d

                        Q-10.: The Election commission of India situated in _______?

                        a) Mumbai

                        b) Chennai

                        c) New Delhi

                        d) Kolkata

                        Ans: c

                        Q-11.: Who drafted the Declaration of American Independence?

                        a) George Washington

                        b) Abraham Lincoln

                        c) Thomas Jefferson

                        d) Jhon F Kennedy

                        Ans: c

                        Q-12.: Latest launched cameras model by Nikon in India on 19th April 2013?

                        Ans: 17 New Cool Pix Cameras

                        Q-13.: In Field Hockey, each team has ____ players on the field at any one time.

                        a) 9

                        b) 8

                        c) 11

                        d) 12

                        Ans: c

                        Q-14.: MGNREGA provides legal guarantee for employment at minimum wages to adult members of a household in a financial year for at least

                        a) 120 days

                        b) 90 days

                        c) 100 days

                        d) 80 days

                        Ans: c

                        Q-15.: Who became the first Englishman to hits 6 sixes in one over?

                        Ans: Jordan Clark

                        Q-16.: Who has been recently appointed as new Chairperson & Managing Director of United Bank of India?

                        Ans: Archana Bhargava

                        Q-17.: Which country has granted temporary asylum to Edward Joseph Snowden who leaked details of the US program of mass surveillance of electronic data

                        a) Ecuador

                        b) Hong Kong

                        c) China

                        d) Russia

                        Ans: d

                        Q-18.: Where is the Statue of Liberty located?

                        a) London, England

                        b) Brisbane, Australia

                        c) Auckland, New Zeland

                        d) New York, U.S.

                        Ans: d

                        Q-19.: Washing soda is the common name for

                        A) Sodium Carbonate

                        B) Calcium Bicarbonate

                        C) Sodium Bicarbonate

                        D) Calcium Carbonate

                        Ans: A

                        Q-20.: Who was called Bollywood’s first superstar?

                        Ans: Rajesh Khanna ( died on 18th July, 2012)

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                        IBPS PO Personal Interviews Question Answers IBPS Clerk Question and Answers Download


                        IBPS PO Personal Interviews Question Answers IBPS Clerk Question and Answers Download

                        IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) will conduct every year the Common Interview for recruitment of POs and other post in Public Sector Banks. Every IBPS PO candidates are facing lot of problems during the IBPS interview time, we are here provides some common IBPS or Banking interview related Question. IBOS PO Interview Question is very important task for all IBPS PO candidates. Every year lacs of candidates are Apply IBPS PO written and personal Interview Exam. All candidates before going IBPS PO interview should read it to pass out interview. We are going to discuss some common IBPS PO banking interview questions.
                        Q-1.: Full form of NPA?

                        Ans: Non Performing Asset.

                        Q-2.: The headquarters of WHO are located in?

                        Ans: Switzerland (Geneva)

                        Q-3.: When is World Water Day observed?

                        Ans: March 22

                        Q-4.: The book titled ‘Joseph Anton: A Memoir’ has been authored by?

                        Ans: Salman Rushdie.

                        Q-5.: The Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is?

                        Ans: Nandan Nielkani

                        Q-6.:  Electronic Clearing Scheme operates under the aegis of?

                        Ans: RBI

                        Q-7.: Gravity, a 2013 science fiction thriller, has been directed by?

                        Ans: Alfonso Cuarón.

                        Q-8.: The unclear, oiled currencies are called?

                        Ans: Mutilated Notes

                        Q-9.: Who won Barclays ATP world tour finals defeating world no.1 Rafael Nadal?

                        Ans: Novak Djokovic

                        Q-10.: A bank is receiving more CASA deposits, what does it mean?

                        Ans: More demand liability on bank

                        Q-11.: RBI adjust the credit expansion through which of the following?

                        Ans: Repo Rate

                        Q-12.: Which country is going to host common wealth summit in 2015?

                        Ans: Malta

                        Q-13.: Which of the following is the financial market for the buying and selling of long-term debt- or equity-backed securities?

                        Ans: Capital Market

                        Q-14.: Kempegowda airport is the new name given to which airport in India?

                        Ans: Bengaluru International Airport

                        Q-15.: Expand ALM in context of Banks

                        Ans: Asset Liability Management

                        Q-16.: Who is Francois Hollande?

                        Ans: President of France

                        Q-17.: Next common wealth meeting?


                        Q-18.: Who is the author of novel “The Casual Vacancy”?

                        Ans: JK Rowling

                        Q-19.: Where was the 23rd CHOGM held?

                        Ans: Colombo, Sri Lanka

                        Q-20.: IFSC Code consists of how many digits?

                        Ans: 11

                        Tell me something about yourself?

                        This is most common first question for all interviews. But this first question answer is very important for all interviews. This first question answer is presenting your all details within one answer.

                        You can tell answer related to your full name/qualification/Experience/Home town/Hobbies and your likes/dislikes and other personal details.

                        Why do you want to join in banking sector?

                        You can tell perfect answer related to why you want to join only banking sector and why you not choose another sector. You can tell right answer related to your banking jobs interest.

                        Some question related to RBI and name of the Governor of RBI?

                        Before going IBPS PO interview you can read about of RBI and current Governor Name of RBI. You can read all details related to RBI like – RBI Rules and more.

                        First Bank Name establish in India?

                        Before going to any banking interview or any banking exam you can read first establish Bank name in India.

                        Types of Accounts Details?
                        Every bank interviews common question related to types of accounts and differentiates between Current Account and Saving Account or any other types of accounts. You can describe all types of accounts details and difference.

                        I- Banking details?

                        IBPS PO interview time one question is common related to I-banking (Internet banking). Today maximum people are using I-Banking service. You can tell process of I-Banking and Advantage or disadvantage of I-Banking.

                        What are Mutual Funds?

                        You can tell details of mutual Funds details. This is very important question related to Banking interviews.

                        Meaning of Bank Rate?

                        Through this question you can describe the meaning of Bank rate or Bank rate process.

                        ATM Machine details?

                        Today everyone is using ATM Machine. You can tell full form of ATM Machine and who is invented name and other details also like- Advantage and disadvantage of ATM Machine.

                        Here we are mansion some common IBPS PO personal interviews question. You can prepare these all question before going to IBPS or any other bank Interviews. If you are going any other bank interview then before going PI you can read all details of that bank using internet and official bank site etc.
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                        IBPS PO Personal Interviews Question & Answer Download


                        IBPS PO Personal Interviews Question & Answer Download

                        Institute of Banking Personnel Selection – IBPS) is conducting common interview for all candidates who qualified the Common Written Exam for PO (Probationary Officer) recruitment in public Bank sector. IBPS is every year conducting PO and clerk interviews. If you are qualified the Common Written Exam PO or Clerk then you can prepare for IBPS PO personal interview. All candidates should have prepared to attend IBPS PO interview. Before IBPS Interviews you can read maximum information related to Banking process/ Banking Rules/ RBI Rules and other details related to RBI. You can read technology related to banking field’s like- ATM (full name and working process and advantage/disadvantage) and more. We are here providing some question related to IBPS interview for PO post.

                        You can read all question and prepare answer for all question. First you can prepare common question-

                        About yourself, You can prepare your all details like- Qualification/Age/Experience/ Eligibility and other important information related to your Hobbies/ Likes/Dislikes etc.

                        IBPS PO Personal Interviews Question

                        Tell about yourself?

                        Why Do You Want to Join in Banking sector?

                        Account types Details?

                        Details of I-Banking?

                        What is Budget?

                        What are Mutual Funds?

                        About of Bank Rate?

                        ATM machine details and who invented it?

                        First Bank name establish in India?

                        About RBI and name of current Governor of RBI?

                        Que-1. Introduce Yourself?

                        Que-2. Have you applied for any other banks?

                        Que-3.Why you want to enter in Banking Sector?

                        Que-4. Who is Governor of RBI?

                        Que-5.What was the name of first bank established in India?

                        Que-6. Do you support privatization of banks and why?

                        Que-7. What is the difference in Current account and Savings accounts?

                        Que-8.What is Mutual Fund?

                        Que-9. What are differences in Private Bank and Public Bank?

                        Que-10.What is Bank Rate?

                        Que-11. Do you have any question for us?
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                        IBPS Previous Year Question Papers Download IBPS General AwarenessPapers Download

                        IBPS Previous Year Question Papers Download IBPS General Awareness Papers Download

                        Q.1 Which of the following carries out 'Open Market Operations?
                        (1) Finance Ministry (2) External Affairs Ministry
                        (4) Planning Commission (5) Ministry of Commerce
                        Q. 2 Who among the folfowing Ministers will hold telecom portfolio in addition to his own
                        portfolio till next reallotment?
                        (1) Kamal Nath (2) Kapil Sibal
                        (4) Mamta Banerjee (5) None of these
                        Q. 3 Under provisions of which one of the following Acts, the RBI issues directives to the Banks in
                        (1) RBI Act (2) Banking Regulation Act (3) Essential Commodities Act
                        (4) RBI and Banking Regulation Act (5) None of these
                        Q.4 On which one of the following 'Head of Expenses', the expenses of the Government of India are
                        (1) Food subsidy (2) Fertilizer subsidy (3) Pradhan Mantri Gram SadakYojana
                        (4) Maintenance of national highways (5) Oil subsidy
                        Q.5 Which one of the following foreign agencies will assist the municipal agencies to improve
                        quality of municipal schools through its School Excellence Programmes (SEP) ?
                        (1) IMF (2) UNDP (3) UNICEF (4) ADB (5) None of these
                        Q. 6 Which one of the following tools is used by RBI for selective credit control?
                        (1) It advises banks to lend against certain commodities
                        (2) It advises banks to recall the loans for advances against certain commodities
                        (3) It advises banks to charge higher rate of interest for advance against certain commodities
                        (4) It discourages certain kinds of lending by assigning higher risk weights to loans it deems
                        (5) None of these
                        Q.7 For which one of the following Loan Products 'teaser loans' are offered by Banks?
                        (1) Education Loans (2) Commercial Loans (3) Loans against security of gold
                        (4) Retail Trade Loans (5) Home Loans ,
                        Q. 8 The Commonwealth Games 2010 were held in Delhi from October 3 to 14, 2010. Who
                        amongst the following picked up the Game's first gold medal? '
                        (1) Augustina Nwaokolo (2) Ravinder Singh (3) Azhar Hussain (4) Carol Huynh (5) None of
                        Q.9 In which one of ihe following cities was the recent meet of G-20 Countries organised ?
                        (1) Tokyo (2) Seoul (3) London (4) Beijing (5) Singapore
                        Q.10 As per recent newspaper reports, which one of the following countries (among the given) has
                        highest literacy rate?
                        (1) India (2) Sri Lanka (3) China (4) Vietnam (5) Bangladesh
                        Q.11 Which one of the following has decided to give guarantee for infra loans? .
                        (1) IDBI (2) SBI (3) IIFCL (4) SIDBI (5) None of these
                        Q.12 In which one of the following States is the uranium project proposed to be set up ?
                        (1) Manipur (2) Meghalaya (3) Orissa (4) Assam (5) Nagaland
                        Q.13 Amongst 169 countries on Human Development Index, which one of the following is India's
                        (1) 89 (2) 91 (3) 119 (4) 129 (5) 138
                        Q.14 What is 'Kaveri' ?
                        (1) India's indigeneous aircraft engine
                        (2) India's Low Cost laptop
                        (3) India's Air to Air Missile
                        (5) Unmanned Aircraft acquired from Israel
                        Q.15 An increasing finished good stock as % to sales of a manufacturing Company indicates that-
                        (A) the market is getting competitive.
                        (B) the quality of the goods is not upto the mark.
                        (C) the production cost has increased.
                        (D) the production has decreased.
                        (1) Only (A) and (B) (2) Only (B) and (C) (3) Only (C) and (D)
                        (4) Only (C) (5) Only (D) and (A)
                        Q. 16 Which one of the following has got RBI nod to issue pre-paid cards to its clients?
                        (1) LIC (2) GIC (3) SIDBI (4) NABARD (5) None of these
                        Q.17 For which one of the following reasons is an amendment in Companies Bill 2009 proposed?
                        (1) To provide more powers to Department of Company Affairs
                        (2) To provide regulatory powers to Department of Company Affairs
                        (3) To make Indian Accounting Standards applicable with effect from 1.4.2011
                        (4) To ensure smooth convergence of the Indian Accounting Standards with IFRS
                        (5) None of these
                        Q.18 As per recent newspaper reports, India's public debt rises 2.8 percent to Rs. 28 lakh crores.
                        Which one of the following is the reason that has forced commercial banks 10 buy Government
                        (1) Lack of credit growth (2) Increase in credit growth (3) Raising of repo rate
                        (4) Raising of reverse repo rate (5) None of these
                        Q.19 In which one of the following States Sariska Tiger Reserve is located?
                        (1) M. P. (2) U. P. (3) Orissa (4) Gujarat (5) Rajasthan
                        Q.20 On which one of the following characters, Biometric security is based?
                        (1) Finger prints and palm recognition only
                        (2) Face recognition and voice recognition only
                        (3) Hand writing and manual recognition only
                        (4) Only(l) and (2) (5) All (1),(2) &(3)
                        Q.21 Which one of the following may be the consequence of buying forex in the market by the RBI
                        (1) It leads to inflation (2) It leads to control over inflation
                        (3) It does not affect inflation (4) It results into deflation (5) None of these
                        Q.22 Under provisions of which one of the following Acts, the Reserve Bank of india has the power
                        regulate, supervise and control the 
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