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                        Sunday, 29 December 2013

                        Common Law Admission Test Clat CURRENT AFFAIRS Question Paper Download

                        Common Law Admission Test Clat CURRENT AFFAIRS Question Paper Download
                        CURRENT AFFAIRS
                        Directions: In the questions below, find the odd one out:
                        1. (a) Skin (b) Nails (c) Eyes (d) Nose
                        2. (a)Incandescent (b) Luminescent (c) Effulgent (d) Imminent
                        3. (a) Paranoia (b) Schizophrenia (c) Pneumonia (d) Dementia
                        4. (a) Decentralisation (b) Delegation (c) Devolution (d) Derivation
                        5. (a) Heat (b) Energy (c) Radar (d) Laser

                        Directions : In the following questions choose the pair of words that best expresses the same
                        relationship as that in the capitalised pair :

                        6. NOSE : OLFACTORY
                        (a) Eye : Visibility (b) Sense: Sensuousness(c) Ear : Auditory(d)Mouth : Oratory
                        7. DICE : GAMBLE-
                        (a) Roulette: Casino (b)Lottery : Ticket(c) Cards : Games (d) Horses : Jockey
                        8. CALCULATOR: ARITHMETIC
                        (a) Scientist: Chemical (b) Man : Food (c) Bed : Sleep (d) Scooter : Vehicle

                        Directions : Pick out the word that is most nearly the same in meaning as the word in

                        9. BANE (a) Blessing (b) Polish (c) Boon (d) Ruin
                        10. DENOUEMENT (a) Estimate (b) Outcome (c) Conclude (d) Give up
                        11. VOLTE-FACE (a) Upheaval (b) Defeat (c) A reversal (d) loss of face
                        12.BETE – NOIRE (a) Better luck next time (b) Pet a version (c) Alluring char (d) hastily done
                        13. SHOGAN (a) A king (b) A thief (c) A farmer (d) Leader of an army
                        14. BEHOLDEN (a) Seen (b) Experienced (c) Under obligation (d) Forsaken

                        Directions : In each sentence below a word or a group of words is underlined. Each sentence is followed by 4 (four) choices. Find out which of these choices can substitute the word or group of words which is underlined without changing the meaning of the sentence.

                        15. 1 doubt the veracity of your statement
                        (a) Tenacity (b) Wisdom (c) Truthfulness (d) Factuality
                        16. We should always try to maintain and promote communal amity
                        (a) Bondage (b) Understanding (c) Friendship (d) Relation
                        17. Leniency and strictness should be judiciously used
                        (a) Reasonably (b) Adequately (c) Sparingly (d) Unconventionally
                        18. The attitude of the western countries towards the third world countries is rather callous to
                        say the test - (a) Unkind (b) Passive (c) Partial (d) Unfeeling

                        Directions : ERRORS. Each sentence is broken into 4 (Four) parts ABCD. Mark the part which has the error.

                        19. (a) It is the newspaper (b) That exposes us to the widest range
                        (c) of human experiences and behaviours (d) No error
                        20. (a) A high I.Q. (b) is the (c) single most (d) important criteria
                        21. (a) the player was profusely (b) garlanded by the people
                        (c) because he had made (d) many goals

                        Directions : Fill in the blanks : Choose the paid of words which complete the sentences to make logical sense.
                        22. The law suit was resolved after many years of ____ litigation and the defendant was ordered to pay ____ . (a) bitter, charges (b) acrimonious, restitution
                        (c) futile, salaries (d) unnecessary, wages
                        23. The software, the driving force behind the electronic revolution, gives the machines the power to count and calculate and perform tasks that improve people's lives; its ____ is even brighter than _______.

                        (a) future.... its past (b) future .... its present
                        (c) novelty .... its possibilities (d) aura .... the brightness of stars

                        24. This______the rise of fundamentalism and intolerance____ by selfish groups and
                        power hungry politicians all over the world.
                        (a) spreads, banned (b) stops, cricised(c) highlights, fanned(d) covers up, publicised

                        25. Until a certain economic quality among the different parts of the world has been achieved
                        the poorer nations will____ the richer ones, and the richer ones will _____ violent action on
                        the part of those who are less prosperous.
                        (a) serve, expect (b) envy, dread (c) respect, prevent (d) dread, expect

                        26. Everyone has his own idea of how man became man and life was like among creatures no
                        longer______but not yet_______ who inhabited the earth million years ago.
                        (a) apes, human(b) primitive, civilized(c) human, humanoid (d) enslaved, free
                        Directions : Arrange the sentences ABCD in a logical sequence.

                        27. (A) "I knew it !" (B) Then, shifting her gaze towards Jone's voice she eased down and let
                        into his arms,(C) The cat hesitated(D) "I knew you would come back" John said
                        (a) BDAC (b) BADC (c) ABDC (d) CBDA

                        28. (A) A cherished heritage is at stake(B) Like many other monuments, the Taj today stands
                        threatened due to pollution.(C)It is actually referred to as 'poetry in stone' by the great poet
                        Rabindra Nath Tagore. (D)The Taj- the marvel, the magic, the mystique
                        (a) DCBA (b) CBAD (c) ABCD (d) ACED

                        29. (A) "What manner of creature is this that has form but no substance ?" (B) "Think of
                        the air my friend think of the clouds".(C)"For such a one am I, born of dreams and flights of
                        fancy" (D) "I can see, but I cannot feel ......
                        (a) ABCD (b) BDAC (c) DBCA (d) DABC

                        30. (A) In India, home to, 2500-3750 tigers (half the world's total), are being poached at the rate
                        of at least one per day.(B)The threat has however sparked off another though smaller crises - a
                        spate of recriminations between conservation organization.(C)As anyone with a letterbox, a T.V.
                        set and environmental conscience will know, the tiger may soon be extinct in the world.
                        (D) It does not take a mathematician to work out that if those rates continue, there may be no
                        Bengal tigers left outside the zoos within a decade.
                        (a) DCBA (b) CDBA (c) CBAD (d) CARD

                        31. The secretary general of Lok Sabha who is the chief of its secretariat, is
                        (a) Appointed by Speaker (b) Appointed by the President
                        (c) Elected by Lok Sabha (d) Elected by both the houses of Parliament

                        32. There is no provision in the constitution for the impeachment of
                        (a) The Chief Justice of a High court (b) The Chief Justice of India
                        (c) The Governor (d) The Vice President

                        33. The constitution of India borrowed the concept of the directive principles of state policy from
                        the constitution of- (a) Ireland (b) USA (c) UK (d) Canada

                        34. The Indian National Union was formed in 1854 by
                        (a) A.O. Hume (b) Henry Cotton (c) Dada Bhai Nauroji (d) Badruddin Tyabji

                        35. The words'Satyameva Jayate' inscribed in Devnagri script below the abacus of the state
                        emblem of India are taken from
                        (a) Mundaka Upanishad (b) Katha Upanishad (c) Samaveda (d) Yajurveda

                        36. Which of the following directive principles is a socialistic principle ?
                        (a) Equal pay for equal work to all (b) Protection of the health of the workers
                        (c) Prevention of concentration of wealth and the means of production (d) All the above

                        37. The number of writs that can be prayed for and issed by the Supreme Court and a High Court
                        is- (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 6

                        38. Which of the following English men was honoured by Jahangir with the title of'Khan'
                        (a) Edward Terry (b) Hawkins (c) Sir Thomas Roe (d) Thomas Paine

                        39. The Rock cut temple of Kailashnath is situated at
                        (a) Ajanta (b) Ellora (c) Elephants (d) Mamallapuram

                        40. Under which dynasty did the construction of the Great Wall of China start ?
                        (a) Chou (b) Han (c) Chin (d) Sui

                        41. Who among the following Hindu King is known as the Nepoleon of India ?
                        (a) Ashoka(b) Harshvardhan (c) Samudra Gupta(d) Chandra Gupta Vikramandhra

                        42. When did Shivaji assume the title of Chatrapati ?
                        (a) 1665 (b) 1668 (c) 1670 (d) 1672

                        43. Which of the following rivers is shared by largest number of state
                        (a) Cauvery (b) Godavari (c) Krishna (d) Mahanadi

                        44. Equinox occurs when thesum is vertically above the
                        (a) Equator (b) Tropic of Capricorn (c) Tropic of Cancer (d) Poles

                        45. No other part of India receives so heavy a rainfall in winter months as the coastal region of
                        (a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Gujarat (c) Karnataka (d) Tamil Nadu

                        46. Which of the following states has rich forests of sandal wood ?
                        (a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Karnataka (c) Kerala (d) Madhya Pradesh

                        47. Which of the following streams makes the Jog Fall ?
                        (a) Netravati (b) Kalindi (c) Sharavati (d) Ulhas

                        48. Who among the following women are associated with the controversial movie "Fire"?

                        (A) Deep Mehta (B) Shabana Azmi (C) Nandita Das
                        (a) A and B (b) A, B and C (c) only B (d) A and C

                        49. 'Bhupen Hazarika' was recently in the news because he was
                        (a) Awarded with Sangeet Natak Academy award for the year 1998
                        (b) Selected as a fellow of Sangeet Natak Academy
                        (c) Appointed as Chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy
                        (d) Awarded with Sahitya Academy Award for his contribution to Assemese

                        50. Who demarcated the line which separated India and Pakistan ?
                        (a) Sir Cyril Radcliffe (b) Sir Mortiner Durand
                        (c) Sir Henry McMahon (d) Lord Mountbatten

                        51. Name of the foreigner who was honoured with Padma Vibhushan in 1998
                        (a) Dalai Lama(b) Mamoom Abdul Gayoon
                        (c) Walter Sisulu(d) Mahather-Bin-Mohammed

                        52. Which one of the following will cause blindness on consumption ?
                        (a) Glycerin (b) Kerosene (c) Methy Benzene (d) Methyl Alcohol

                        53. Which gas is used in the artificial ripening of the fruits ?
                        (a) Acetylene (b) Methane (c) Ethane (d) Butane

                        54. Kanya-Exploitation of Little Angels a revolutionary book in the field of women' studies is
                        written by
                        (a) Kamala Das(b) Arundhati Roy (c) V. Mohini Giri (d) Tehmina Dural

                        55. Name the first Indian car with power steering and power windows
                        (a) Ambassador(b) Fiat(c) The Standard 2000(d) Indica

                        56. The recent earthquake at Chamoli measured on the Richter scale
                        (a) 6.8 (b) 5.6 (c) 6.6 (d) 4.4

                        57. May 3rd is observed as International Sunday to
                        (a) Worship the Sun (b) Encourage the use of solar energy
                        (c) Encourage the study of solar system (d) Celebrate the birthday of Sun god

                        58. He visited Europe and America as cultural Ambassador of India. He condemned the caste
                        system and current Hindu emphasis on rituals, ceremonies and superstitions. He remarked, "Our
                        religion is'Do not touch me. I am holy". These lines allude to
                        (a) Annie Besant (b) Mahatma Gandhi
                        (c) Swami Vivekananda (d) B.R. Ambedkar

                        59. 'Blue dwarfs' and 'Red giants' refer respectively to
                        (a) Pygmies and the Caucasians (b) Young stars and old stars
                        (c) Old stars and young stars (d) Short term and long term crops of wheat
                        60. Nelson Mandela marries for the third time with Graca Machel, 52, what according to you is
                        his age- (a) 62 (b) 75 (c) 70 (d) 80

                        61-120 Questions

                        1.B 31A 61A 91D
                        2D 32C 62A 92D
                        3C 33A 63B 93D
                        4D 34A 64B 94A
                        5C 35A 65D 95B
                        6C 36D 66A 96B
                        7A 37D 67D 97C
                        8C 38C 68C 98C
                        9D 39B 69B 99B
                        10B 40B 70C 100C
                        11C 41C 71C 101D
                        12B 42D 72B 102D
                        13D 43B 73B 103D
                        14B 44A 74C 104D
                        15C 45D 75B 105B
                        16C 46B 76C 106B
                        17A 47C 77A 107A
                        18D 48B 78D 108D
                        19A 49C 79A 109C
                        20D 50C 80A 110C
                        21C 51C 81C 111D
                        22B 52D 82B 112C
                        23B 53A 83C 113A
                        24C 54C 84C 114C
                        25B 55D 85B 115D
                        26A 56A 86D 116D
                        27D 57B 87C 117B
                        28A 58C 88D 118C
                        29A 59B 89A 119C
                        30C 60D 90A 120B
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                        Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) Model Question Paper clat Exam Pattern And Syllabus

                        Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) Model Question Paper clat Exam Pattern And Syllabus

                        1. The New Prime Minister of Israel belongs to .............................. Party
                        a) Conservative
                        b) Kadima
                        c) Fatha
                        d) Hamas
                        2. Who is the new president of Indian News Paper Society?
                        a) Tarun Tejpal
                        b) N. Ram
                        c) Hormusji. N. Kama
                        d) Vinod Mehta
                        3. The Cricketer who is recently appointed as the Honourary Lt Cl. of Indian Territorial
                        a) Sunil Gavasker
                        b) Kapil Dev
                        c) Ravi Shastri
                        d) Vengsarker
                        4. Who is the new chairman of Press Trust of India?
                        a) E.V. Chitnis
                        b) M.P. Verendra Kumar
                        c) K.M. Mathew
                        d) Nikhil Chakravarthy.
                        5. Who is the new President of South Africa?
                        a) Kgalema Motlanthe
                        b) Tabo Embeki
                        c) William Bothae
                        (d) Nelson Mandela
                        6. Pakistan President Asif Ali Sardari belongs to .................................. party
                        a) Muslim League
                        b) Jama -ath - Islami
                        c) PPP
                        (d) Avamileague
                        7. The ban imposed by the central Government on which of the following organization was lifted by the Special Tribunal.
                        a) Bajrang Dal
                        b) SIMI
                        c) Harkatul Mujahideen
                        d) JaIshe Muhammed
                        8. “ Jalas Pada Asram” is situated in
                        a) Karnataka
                        b) Orissa
                        c) Kerala
                        d) Gujrath
                        9. A new Political Party “Prajarajyam” is formed by.
                        a) K. Karunakaran
                        b) Chiranjeevi
                        c) Rajanikant
                        d) Vijayakant
                        10. Who is the president of Jharkand Mukti Morcha”?
                        a) Madhu Kode
                        b) Shibu Soren
                        c) Ajith Singh
                        d) Amar Singh
                        11. Who is the Captain of Indian women’s Cricket team?
                        a) Chithra Soman
                        b) Maiyhili Raj
                        c) Drona Vathi Harika
                        d) None
                        12. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna (07-08) was awarded to
                        a) Vishwanathan Anand
                        b) M.S. Dhoni
                        c) Narayan Karthikeyan
                        d) Sania Mirza
                        13. First Indian to get an Olympic medal
                        a) K.D. Jadav
                        b) Milka Singh
                        c) Karnam Malleshwary
                        d) Abhinav Bindra
                        14. Which country tops the Olympic (2008) total Medal tally?
                        a) US
                        b) China
                        c) Russia
                        d) UK
                        15. Which country won the maximum gold in Beijing Olympics?
                        a) US
                        b) China
                        c) Russia
                        d) UK
                        16. Who is the fastest man in the world?
                        a) Usain Bolt
                        b) Karl Lewis
                        c) Andrei silnov
                        d) Mathias Steiner
                        17. Paralympics 2008 was held at
                        a) Sydney
                        b) Beijing
                        c) Delhi
                        d) Dhoka
                        18. Which sports personality is known as “Thunder Bolt” and Lighting Bolt?”
                        a) Karl Lewis
                        b) Youvaraj Singh
                        c) Mike Tyson
                        d) Usain Bolt
                        19. Who is the world junior chess Champion (Boys)?
                        a) Abhijith Kande
                        b) Abhijith Gupta
                        c) Koneru Hampi
                        d) None of these
                        20. G-8 Summit (2008) was held at
                        a) Germany
                        b) Japan
                        c) Russia
                        d) India
                        22. Who won the first FIFA player of the Year award?
                        a) Pele
                        b) Maradona
                        c) Lother Mathyas
                        d) Bastistuta
                        23. Amarnath temple is situated in
                        a) J & K
                        b) Orissa
                        c) Gujarat
                        d) Kerala
                        24. The project started by the central Govt. on 7th Feb 2008 to improve the condition of the small scale retailers.
                        a) Indira Udayamitra Yojana
                        b) Rajiv Gandhi Udayamitra Yojana
                        c) Indira Kranthi path
                        d) None of these
                        25. Indira Kranthi Path is a poverty eradication programme started by
                        a) Kerala
                        b) Andhra
                        c) Orissa
                        d) Gujrath
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                        Common Law Admission Test Clat LEGAL APTITUDE Question Paper Download

                        Common Law Admission Test Clat LEGAL APTITUDE Question Paper Download

                        LEGAL APTITUDE

                        1. K.G.Balakrishnan is the ……..Chief Justice of india?
                        (a) 35th
                        (b) 36th
                        (c) 37th

                        (d) 38th

                        2. The scientific study of law (Jurisprudence) first started among……
                        (a) Romans
                        (b) Greeks
                        (c) Euoropians
                        (d) Arabs
                        3. Who propounded the legal theory called “Utilitarian Individualism”?
                        (a) Austin
                        (b) Salmond
                        (c) Taylor
                        (d) Bentham
                        4. Who was the law member in the Council of Governer General of India?
                        (a) H.Spencer
                        (b) Maine
                        (c) Blackstone
                        (d) Macalay
                        5. According to Hindu legal theory the origin of law is……
                        (a) Sruthi
                        (b) Devine
                        (c) Dharma
                        (d) None
                        6. Who founded the Communist legal theory?
                        (a) Marx and Engels
                        (b) Maine
                        (c) Blackstone
                        (d) Austin
                        7. Private international law is also called…………..
                        (a) Civil law
                        (b) Conflict of laws
                        (c) Local laws
                        (d) Common law
                        8. The distinction between law and morals was made by
                        (a) Sruthi
                        (b) Mimamsa
                        (c) Smrithi
                        (d) None
                        10. Who propounded the theory “law and state are the same”?
                        (a) Kelsen
                        (b) Maine
                        (c) Blackstone
                        (d) Austin
                        11. Administration of Justice is devided in to ……parts
                        (a) 4
                        (b) 2
                        (c) 3
                        (d) 10
                        12. Apart from Jammu and Kashmir, which of the following States has a special protection,notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution in certain matters?
                        (a) Tripur
                        (b) Nagaland
                        (c) Mizoram
                        (d) None
                        14. How many theories of punishments are there in the administration of Justice?
                        (a) 2
                        (b) 3
                        (c) 4
                        (d) 5
                        15. Bye-law making power granted to the executive by the Legislature is called-
                        (a) Delegated legislation
                        (b) Colourable Legislation
                        (c) Administrative legislation
                        (d) None
                        16. According to which of the following theory Crime is the result of a desese..?
                        (a) Reformative
                        (b) Deterrent
                        (c) Retributive
                        (d) Preventive
                        17. Which of the following gives the buyer right to reject goods, repudiate the contract and claim
                        (a) Warranty
                        (b) Guarantee
                        (c) Garnishee
                        (d) None
                        18. 35th Law Commission report recommended that children below…………...years of age at the time of commission of offence shall not be sentenced to death
                        (a) 18
                        (b) 16
                        (c) 20
                        (d) 21
                        19. The word "due process of law" indicates-
                        (a) In course through courts
                        (b) By police action
                        (c) By the interference of the government
                        (d) Any of the above
                        20. A nominal sum given as a token, that the parties are eager about concluding the sale is called-
                        (a) Earnest money
                        (b) Advance
                        (c) Interest
                        (d) Solatium
                        21. The rule of evidence which forbids a person from denying the truth of some statement
                        formerly made by him
                        (a) Estoppel
                        (b) Res judicata
                        (c) Mcnaughten rule
                        (d) Contradiction
                        22. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” relates to …………….theory
                        (a) Reformative
                        (b) Deterrent
                        (c) Retributive
                        (d) Preventive
                        23. A doctor has .......... relationship with his patient-
                        (a) moral
                        (b) Customary
                        (c) Statutory
                        (d) fiduciary
                        24. Ossification test is done to determine-
                        (a) Age
                        (b) Sex
                        (c) Blood group
                        (d) Finger print
                        25. English Law is also known as
                        (a) Civil law
                        (b) Conflict of laws
                        (c) Local laws
                        (d) Common law
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                        CLAT Solved Previous Years Papers and Sample Papers Mathematical Ability

                        CLAT Solved Previous Years Papers and Sample Papers Mathematical Ability

                        CLAT Sample Question Paper: Mathematical Ability

                        This is a Sample Question Paper for Mathematical Ability section of CLAT entrance exam.This is part of the series of sample papers. Attempt them and see if you are able to solve them.

                        1. In the series 2, 15, 41, 80, X; X is
                        (a) 111
                        (b) 120
                        (c) 121
                        (d) 132
                        2. A clock gains 5 minutes every hour. The angle traversed by the seconds hand in one minute is
                        (a) 360°
                        (b) 366°
                        (c) 380°
                        (d) 390°
                        3. 5th of September is Teachers day and it fell on Monday in 1994. Then Children's day on 14th November 1996 fell on
                        (a) Thursday
                        (b) Wednesday
                        (c) Friday
                        (d) Tuesday
                        4. Two missiles sped directly at each other, one at 1200 km/h and the other at 1500 km/h. Initially they are 8190 km apart and are fired simultaneously. After what interval of time they collide?
                        (a) 3 hours
                        (b) 3 hours 2 minutes
                        (c) 3 hours 4 minutes
                        (d) 3 hours 6 minutes
                        5. Asha purchased a saree for Rs. 2664/-. On wearing it, she realised that it was half a meter shorter than the required length. She made a mental calculation and found that she was cheated of Rs.222. What is the actual length of this saree?
                        (a) 5 meters
                        (b) 6 meters
                        (c) 5 ½ meters
                        (d) 4 ½ meters
                        6. The average of seven numbers is 40. The total of four of them is 178. The remaining three numbers are in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3. These three numbers are:
                        (a) 15,30,45
                        (b) 16,32,48
                        (c) 17,34,51
                        (d) 18,36,54
                        7. A mother is three times the age of her daughter. Four years back, the daughter was one fourth the age of her father. If the father is four years older than the mother, what is the age of the daughter?
                        (a) 16 years
                        (b) 14 years
                        (c) 15 years
                        (d) 12 years
                        8. A company manufacturing steel increased the price by 50%. In order to restore to the original price, the new price must be reduced by
                        (a) 33%
                        (b) 331/3%
                        (c) 33m %
                        (d) 50%
                        9. In a school of 550 students, the ratio of boys and girls is 6 : 5. How many more girls are to be admitted to make the ratio equal?
                        (a) 40
                        (b) 50
                        (c) 60
                        (d) 150
                        10. A sugar merchant announces that he will sell sugar at the cost price but uses a weight of 450 gms instead of 500 gms. His percentage profit is
                        (a) 12%
                        (b) 10%
                        (c) 11 1/9%
                        (d) 10 1/9%
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